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Team Savanna from JAPARI STAGE.

Team Savanna (Japanese:チームサバンナ Hepburn: Chīmu Sabanna) is a group composed of Friends As the name suggests, the group is made up of Friends who live in Savanna.


Team Savanna has not disclosed what inspired the group to form. However, since many of the Friends are involved in the establishment of the Japari Academy, it can be assumed that the group was formed for the establishment of the Japari Academy.


Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~

Team Savanna appeared in its post-formation state. When they met with Bat-Eared Fox, the girls introduced themselves. War was then declared by an army of birds after Secretarybird and Shoebill left the group. Then Siberian Tiger appeared and suddenly added Team Savannah to its fold.


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