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Real Person
Japanese Name: 尾本達紀
Romanized Name: Omoto Tatsuki
Occupation: Animator
Circle: irodori

TATSUKI (Japanese: たつき), usually written in English as Tatsuki, was the director and lead writer of the 2017 Kemono Friends anime. He is the leader of a small, independent animation circle known as irodori. Tatsuki is credited with the success and subsequent revival of the Kemono Friends multimedia franchise, which was widely considered a failed project prior to its anime release. He, along with series creator Mine Yoshizaki, is held in high acclaim by fans for his impact on the project.

On September 25th, 2017, Tatsuki announced in a Tweet that he had been informed by Kadokawa, the license holder of the Kemono Friends Project, that he and his team were removed from the production of the anime's next season. Later on, the production committee of the Kemono Friends anime announced that Tatsuki and the animation studio, Yaoyorozu, were fired because they used Kemono Friends property without consulting all parties involved.