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Surprise Box is a Japanese subscription service for character goods, which in July 2022 began running a Kemono Friends product line. Every two months on average, a new set featuring four to five characters is distributed.


Back issue Image Theme Friends list
1 September 2021 SurpriseBoxSeptember2021Main.jpg Volleyball Caracal, Serval, Common Bottlenose Dolphin, Chinese White Dolphin
2 November 2021 SurpriseBoxNovember2021Main.png Baseball Northern Goshawk, Bengal Tiger, White Lion, Jinmengyo
3 January 2022 SurpriseBoxJanuary2022Main.jpg Winter Sports Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, Royal Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin
4 March 2022 SurpriseBoxMarch2022Main.jpg Soccer Gray Wolf, Domestic Dog (Mixed-Breed), Dhole, Bat-Eared Fox
5 May 2022 SurpriseBoxMay2022Main.png Basketball Siberian Tiger, Cheetah, Black Jaguar, Margay
6 July 2022 SurpriseBoxJuly2022Main.png Water Sports Saltwater Crocodile, California Sea Lion, Orca, Harp Seal
7 September 2022 SurpriseBoxSeptember2022Main.png Sports Day Ezo Brown Bear, Koala, Coyote, Atlantic Puffin
8 November 2022 SurpriseBoxNovember2022Main.png Christmas African Golden Wolf, Golden Jackal, Giant Pangolin, Giant Armadillo
9 January 2023 SurpriseBoxJanuary2023Main.png Valentine's Day Raccoon, Fennec Fox, Scarlet Macaw, Resplendent Quetzal
10 March 2023 SurpriseBoxMarch2023Main.png Easter European Hare, Brown Long-Eared Bat, Arctic Hare, Mountain Hare
11 May 2023 SurpriseBoxMay2023Main.png Rainy Season Huacaya Alpaca, Suri Alpaca, Honduran White Bat, Sheep
12 July 2023 SurpriseBoxJuly2023Main.png Summer Festival Mirai, Thomson's Gazelle, Arabian Oryx, Cellval
13 September 2023 SurpriseBoxSeptember2023Main.png Picking Chestnuts Red Panda (EX), Giant Panda, Gambian Pouched Rat, Siberian Chipmunk
14 November 2023 SurpriseBoxNovember2023Main.png Playing in the Snow King Penguin, African Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Adélie Penguin
15 January 2024 SurpriseBoxJanuary2024Main.png Hot Spring Capybara, Ezo Red Fox, Silver Fox, Baikal Seal
16 March 2024 SurpriseBoxMarch2024Main.png Cherry Blossom Viewing Japanese Wolf, Sika Deer, Japanese Badger, Japanese River Otter
17 May 2024 SurpriseBoxMay2024Main.png Idol Concert Blue Wildebeest, Thomson's Gazelle, Raccoon Dog, Atlantic Puffin
18 July 2024 SurpriseBoxJuly2024Main.png Camping Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, North American Beaver, Brown Bear, Eurasian Beaver


  • While most characters to star in Surprise Box sets have not made repeat appearances, Thomson's Gazelle and Atlantic Puffin have each been featured twice, with both Friends' second appearances being found in the May 2024 set.

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