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Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 19
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 19
Occupation: Student
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A Stoat Friend appears in chapter 19 of the Kemono Friends Manga. In her only appearance, she studies and then dines with Serval and Ezo Red Fox after they visit her home expecting to crash a Christmas party.


Stoat is a studious individual who would even spend Christmas day studying for her entrance exams. Before meeting Serval and Ezo Red Fox, she did not value having fun and was only interested in achieving her higher education and career goals, believing a good job to be what leads to a good life.

Role in the Plot

Stoat tells Serval and Ezo Red Fox that she can't afford to spend time on Christmas because of her entrance exams.

After deciding to show up to a Christmas party uninvited, Serval and Ezo Red Fox find Stoat's home and let themselves in expecting there to be a party. Instead, they are confused to find only Stoat simply studying at her kotatsu. Stoat is outraged at the intrusion, but Serval explains they've come to join her Christmas party. Stoat responds by saying she doesn't have time for Christmas and must study for her entrance exams to Japari Girls' Academy University.

She attempts to shove them out the door until Serval suggests that she and Ezo Red Fox join Stoat in her studying. Stoat declines, saying that Serval and Ezo Red Fox are the kind of girls who brainlessly play around without thinking about their futures. Not wanting Stoat to be alone on Christmas, Serval again suggests that they all study together and Ezo Red Fox protests. Stoat counters the suggestion by saying the both of them are too simple minded to handle studying and challenges Serval with a question about binary numbers. They both misunderstand the question to be Stoat expressing her favorite food as herring stew, since Stoat phrased the question using both the words "harrowing" and "stew".

Stoat expresses a desire to have a fun life.

Serval declares her turn to ask a question and questions Stoat as to when a star or "hoshi" in Japanese is sour. Stoat smugly answers the riddle with pickled plum or "Umeboshi" in Japanese, and Serval dismisses her answer, saying that the correct answer is "When it's a sour star". Stoat clutches her study material and says that she feels doomed to forget everything she's studied. Serval tries to comfort her and suggests that they take a break and eat some sweets. Admitting defeat, Stoat exclaims her desire to binge lots of tasty foods and they order non-alcoholic champagne, turkey, pizza, meat buns, and many other foods. Stoat chugs her cup of champagne impressing Serval.

Slamming her cup down and acting as if she were drunk on non-alcoholic champagne, Stoat expresses newfound disinterest in exams and starts to question how knowing her study material will help her in the future. She continues by sharing that she would rather spend life partying. Serval and Ezo Red Fox are shocked to see Stoat act this way. Serval says that she thinks Stoat's broken and Ezo Red Fox explains that "studying too much will drive you crazy". Stoat then passes out and Serval suggests that they depart after leaving a Christmas gift for Stoat. Ezo Red Fox shares that they should invite Raccoon the next time they crash a party.

The next day, Stoat awakes under the covers of her kotatsu and finds a ribbon wrapped gift along with a single meat bun leaned against it. Stoat opens the gift and reads the note inside. The note simply reads "Merry Christmas! Keep warm and good luck on your studies." and has been stamped by a paw print. Stoat holds up the gift, a hoodie with bear ears and a cute bear face on the hood, examining it. She thinks aloud that it's cute and shares her final line of the chapter, "Aw, I could never hate them..."


Serval and Ezo Red Fox

Stoat's only discernible relationship is the one she has with Serval and Ezo Red Fox, who were strangers to Stoat until they entered her home expecting a party. Stoat initially rejected the two of them, saying "Please just go away. You're interrupting my studies!!" and attempted to kick them from her home. However, when they decide to study together, Serval and Ezo Red Fox chip away at Stoat's determination to study for Christmas through their silly answers and study questions. This leads Stoat to eventually decide to relax and have fun eating with Serval and Ezo Red Fox. When Stoat wakes up the next day, she has developed an appreciation for the pair and is happy with the gift they left her.

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