Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~

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Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~



Stage Play
Japanese Title: 舞台けものフレンズ「JAPARI STAGE!」~おおきなみみとちいさなきせき~
Romanised Title: Butai Kemono Furenzu "Japari Sutēji" ~ōkina mimi to chiisana kiseki~
Directed by: Hiroki Murakami
Written by: Hiroki Murakami
Music by: Takuya Kusunose
Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Original Run: September 27, 2019 –

October 6, 2019

Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~ is the Kemono Friends franchise's third official stage play and the sequel to Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~. It features an original storyline, though whether or not is is officially considered canon is currently unknown. The play features several Friends recurring from the previous play as well as several new Friends. The stage play boasts an original musical score in addition to its story.


The eruption of Sandstar volcano gave birth to Bat-Eared Fox. Soon after, Okapi approached her and invited her to join Team Savanna. Team Savanna was aiming to establish the Japari Academy. Then, two members of the team, Shoebill and Secretarybird, said they would leave Team Savanna and join the bird army.

The army of birds was led by Large-Billed Crow, who was the leader of the actual force, and he tried to take over the Japari Academy. However, Siberian Tiger, claiming to be the strongest Friends on land, arrived and declared war on the bird army. The atmosphere was at a crossroads, but Bat-Eared Fox intercedes and proposes a dance battle.

Team Savanna is going to practice a dance under Siberian Tiger. At that time, a Siberian Husky appears in front of Bat-Eared Fox. Siberian Husky said that she knew humans, so Black Leopard introduced Siberian Husky to Sheep who was also interested in humans.

The bird army is also practicing a dance when the true leader, Northern Goshawk, appears. Northern Goshawk has told the team that Southern Cassowary, a member of the bird army, is not suitable for the team because she cannot fly, and has therefore been expelled from the team.

During Team Savanna's practice under Siberian Tiger, Raccoon Dog and Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey come to distribute Japari Ban. There, they point out that the Japari Ban is somewhat moist. Later, Bat-Eared Fox is expelled from the team for going against Siberian Tiger's policy.

Bat-Eared Fox comes to the front of the cave, meets Okinawan Habu, and as she tries to enter the dark cave, Okinawan Habu brings up a light. Because of the strange appearance of the light, Okinawan Habu suspects that Solar Power System is malfunctioning.

Black Leopard and her friends overhear the story of the Bird Army. The real purpose of the bird army was to stabilize the park's electricity by generating wind power to replace the damaged solar panels by running wind turbines. Okapi learns of this and decides to go to the Japari Museum to fix Woolly Mammoth and solar panels.

After joining up with Sheep and Domestic Pig, Siberian Husky goes to the site of the school and regains herlost memories. She learns that she was a dog named "Chief" who was kept by students Sachiko and Miri, and that she was killed when she tried to reconcile Sachiko and Miri and was hit by a trolley.

Siberian husky and her friends who have regained her memories, Black Leopard and her friends who have separated from the Okapi, Siberian Tiger, Okinawan Habu, Bat-Eared Fox, and Southern Cassowary gather in a cave near the epicenter after an earthquake. They defeat a Friends-Type Cellien that appears there, and hear talking voices coming from the depths of the cave.

The voice came from the other side of the cave wall, so Southern Cassowary kicked down the wall and found Miri and Sachiko there. Miri and Sachiko are surprised.

Meanwhile, Siberian Tiger learns the true purpose of the Bird Army. With White Tiger's intervention, Siberian Tiger apologized to the bird army. Bat-Eared Fox then and there asked the Legion of Birds to reinstate Southern Cassowary.

When Sachiko and Miri learn that the control room of the windmill is closed and cannot be opened, they steal the key from the school principal's office and give it to Siberian Husky. However, a part of the control panel in the control room is broken and does not work, so Sachiko and Miri decide to receive the part and repair it.

While the control panel of the windmill is being repaired, the Friends decide to think of a dance for Sachiko and Miri's school farewell party and receive smart phones from Sachiko and Miri to take movies. Later, Cellien appears in the cave again and seals the hole in the cave.

Finally, the control board of the windmill cannot be passed on, and Japari Park's power is about to run out. However, Siberian Husky learns the location of the time capsule from the memories of Sachiko and Miri, finds the repaired control panel, and restarts the windmill.

And, the windmill turns and the electricity in Japari Park is fully restored. Then Okapi arrives and introduces new Friends. It is Resplendent Quetzal, who looks just like Sachiko.






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