Spinning Mouse Toy

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Plaything Name: Japanese Plaything Name: Rarity: Effective Area: Generation: Land or Water? Implemented: Time Limited?
Spinning Mouse Toy まわるネズミのおもちゃ ★★★★ Savanna Generation ? Land May 16th, 2018 No
Plaything ID Craftable? Sturdy Wood Soft Cloth Cold Stone Stretchy Rubber Rough Steel Attraction coin
0174 Yes None None None None None 3000
Normal Behaviors: Unique Behaviors: Liked By:
1. Sitting to the right of the toy, or walking around behind it Kemotalk 010052001 01.png
Kemotalk 010001001 01.pngKemotalk 010012001 01.pngKemotalk 010052001 01.png
Description:  ?
Japanese Description: ポールの周りをすばしっこく走り回る
Update History: 10/18/19 - This item was made craftable.