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Spectacled Caiman

Spectacled Caiman Anime S2.png

Friend Data
Voiced by: Hitomi Oowada
First Appearance: Episode 5
Home Area: Unknown
Associated Characters: Saltwater Crocodile
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Spectacled Caiman Season 2 Pavilion Nexon Game Gallery

Spectacled Caiman is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


Although she doesn't talk as much, she sticks with Saltwater Crocodile, and backs up what she says. She looks up to Western Lowland Gorilla.

Role in the Plot

Episode 5: The Power of Humans

Along with Saltwater Crocodile, she argues with Black Leopard and Leopard over a territory dispute. When Kyururu, Serval and Caracal arrive, Saltwater Crocodile begins to interrogate them, and Spectacled Caiman mentions that she doesn't recognize any of them except for the gray Lucky Beast. After Saltwater Crocodile and Leopard laugh about the idea of Kyururu being a human, Spectacled Caiman explains that he must be mistaken since humans are supposed to be strong and scary unlike him. After the leopards decide to introduce Kyururu to their boss to have her decide if he's human or not, Spectacled Caiman warns the trio that their boss is even scarier than humans. She sides with Saltwater Crocodile after she declares that she'll go retrieve their boss so the leopards don't get credit for the idea, saying that Saltwater Crocodile found the trio before the leopards did. When Western Lowland Gorilla appears, she falls into line with the rest of them as she asks what they're fighting about.

On the bank of a stream with Saltwater Crocodile, she's surprised that Saltwater Crocodile believes Kyururu is human after all. After explaining how they could use him to control the leopards, she agrees with the plan and laughs about it, while nearby in a tree, the leopards have come up with the same plan.

After Western Lowland Gorilla confirms that Kyururu is human and he begins his scary act, she asks him if he's in pain. When the cats start shaking along with Kyururu's roars, she hides behind Saltwater Crocodile and says she's scared. She interrupts Western Lowland Gorilla as she tries to tell them that she can call Kyururu to keep them in check to ask him a question. She asks him if the rumor about humans turning animals into their servants is true. Hoping to recruit him to their side, she and Saltwater Crocodile pull on his arm and ask him to join them while the leopards pull on his other arm and do the same. Serval and Caracal distract the four of them to break up their fight while Kyururu sneaks away.

After losing their fight to the cats and falling to the ground, she claims that the rumors must be true if Serval and Caracal are acting as his servants. When Kyururu returns, explaining how humans truly did control animals in the past, she mentions how frightening it sounds that they would use animals to fight each other to not get their hands dirty. As Serval and Caracal demonstrate the game Kyururu created to show how humans were controlling animals, she mentions how it wasn't quite what she had imagined it would be like. After Saltwater Crocodile and Leopard challenge each other to a round of the game, she cheers on Saltwater Crocodile and wishes her good luck. After they tie and go another round, she asks if she can play the next round. The sudden appearance of Siberian Tiger forces her and the others to run away, and she carries the gray Lucky Beast with her.

Episode 6: A New Morning

She disappears into the jungle holding the gray Lucky Beast with Saltwater Crocodile and Western Lowland Gorilla to hide from Siberian Tiger.

Episode 11: The Ocean's Mood

While traveling with the other Friends and Kaban to the hotel, after Saltwater Crocodile teases Leopard by saying that she's acting tough to hide that she cares about Kyururu, Spectacled Caiman tells Leopard to be honest instead of pretending. As they approach the hotel, Leopard and Black Leopard point out the entrance is underwater, but Spectacled Caiman mentions that she likes it that way. Waiting in the pool with Saltwater Crocodile, she leaps out of the water to defeat a group of Celliens that Leopard and Black Leopard brought to the pool room with their help. She mentions that attacking from the water is what they do best.

Episode 12: I'm Home

In the dining hall, she and the other Friends learn about the possibility of a Cellien clone of Siberian Tiger being made from Kyururu's drawing. Later, when they get surrounded on the roof by the hordes of Cellien clones, she warns Kyururu about going back into the hotel for the drawing. She calls Western Lowland Gorilla dependable and helps her clear a path back into the hotel for Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal. Along with the other Friends, she fights off Celliens while Kyururu is out at sea with Kaban. She mentions having a bad feeling when he returns and says that he brought someone with him, before Siberian Tiger appears and starts attacking Celliens and Friends alike. When the hotel begins to collapse she evacuates with everyone else.


Saltwater Crocodile

She takes the initiative on Spectacled Caiman's behalf, and the two are very close and work well together when fighting Celliens.

Leopard and Black Leopard

They argue over territory disputes with the crocodilians, and they want to be able to control them by learning the rumor about how humans controlled animals. They're able to set aside their conflict to work with her and Saltwater Crocodile against a common enemy, the Cellien clones.

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