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Sky Area


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The Sky Area (Japanese:雲海エリア Hepburn:Unkai Eria) is a type of Area found in Japari Park.


The sky area is an area of high mountains and a sea of clouds.

In other media, it is sometimes referred to as a high mountain area or a highland area.


Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

In the Nexon game, the entire Hōtoku Region is a Sky Area.

Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

Main article: S1E03: Mountain

The first season of the anime featured a High Mountain Area in the Kyōshū Region.

The High Mountain area of the first season of the anime is connected to the ground by a ropeway, and the building of the Japari Café is present.

Kemono Friends Pavilion

2 and ? generation High Mountain areas can be seen in this game. The ? generation High Mountain area has the characteristics of the first anime season, with the Japari Café located on the left and the ropeway station on the right. In the second generation High Mountain area, a building with the sign "Japari Cabin" replaces the Japari Café.

Kemono Friends Festival

In this game you can see the High Mountain Area of the Riukiu Region.


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