Silent River

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Silent River


Location Data
Debut Kemono Friends Kingdom
Regions Kingdom
Location Type Landmark

The Silent River is a body of water in Kingdom, the setting for the Kemono Friends Kingdom mobile game.


The Silent River is a long, winding river with a gentle current, which flows lazily through Kingdom's Savanna Area. The Savanna Village can be found along its downstream banks; due to its slow current, Friends from the village often play and bathe in the river's shallows. Hippoptamus considers the river to be her territory, and is almost always seen in or near its waters.

The banks and bed of the river appear to be rich in colorful gem-like stones called Fluorites. Additionally, a high concentration of Sandstar begins to spew from its riverbed during the events of Kemono Friends Kingdom, making it likely to be one of the most Sandstar-rich areas of Kingdom. There is no determinate connection between the river's abundance of both Fluorites and Sandstar.

Ruins of man-made buildings can be found below the waters of the river, and abandoned constructs such as vehicles and electrical transmission towers can be found surrounding its banks.


The presence of ruined buildings under the waters and around the banks of the Silent River suggests the area was once dry, human-developed land. Following the departure of humans from Kingdom, a river formed either naturally over a long time, or unnaturally quickly as exacerbated by the area's strong concentration of Sandstar, which is known to have terraforming properties.

The Silent River is where Jinri, the human protagonist of Kemono Friends Kingdom, first comes to consciousness in Kingdom; she wakes up drowning in its waters, and is rescued by Chevrotain and Least Weasel. On the riverbank, she regains consciousness and formally meets the Friends who saved her, and who would soon become her trusted travelling companions. This is also where she meets her Lucky Beast guide and first activates a Patrol Plane, an essential tool on her journey.


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