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Siberian Tiger
SiberianTiger ReJS.jpg
Friend Data
Actress Yui Fujiyama (JS) / Ikumi Nakano (Re:JS)
Siberian Tiger Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Siberian Tiger appears as a character in the Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~.


She is the self-proclaimed Champion of the Land and calls herself the leader of the Friends of the Land. And she is obsessed with love and considers sex appeal important.

Role in the Plot

She sees Team Savanna being challenged to a showdown by an army of birds, and she inadvertently creates a team of Land Friends, with herself as the leader and the members being Team Savanna. Since the showdown is set to be a dance showdown, she tries to win by teaching his team members to be sexy. However, she was hurt when Bat-Eared Fox told her that her coloring was old, and she banished her. Later, after defeating the Friends-type Cellien in the cave and learning the true purpose of the bird army, she apologized to the bird army.

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