Siberian Tiger/Season 2

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Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger Anime S2.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by:  ?
First Appearance: Episode 1
Home Area: Unknown
Has Promotional Video: No
Siberian Tiger Season 2 Pavilion Nexon Game

Siberian Tiger is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.



Role in the Plot

S2E01: Beyond Memories

Siberian Tiger is seen using Wild Release to punch and defeat the last Cellien that was about to attack Serval, Kyururu and Caracal at the monorail.

S2E05: The Power of Humans

Siberian Tiger is seen in a possessed state confronting Kyururu before getting distracted by a blue paper airplane with fire on the tip. She has glowing yellow eyes, a purple aura, and strange Sandstar like sparkles around her.

S2E06: A New Morning

Siberian Tiger is seen chasing after Kaban, Serval, Caracal, and Kyururu, who is evaded using a Japari Bus. It is revealed that Siberian Tiger is a Beast Friend, a result of a failed interaction with Sandstar, resulting in a much more bestial form of friend. Kaban explains her chains were a result of human control.


  • A pair of chains that aren't part of her official design can be seen on her wrists. In episode 6, this was revealed to be a remnant of her attempted control by humans.
  • On Episode 1, a loud scream along with tiger roars can be heard at the spot where Kyururu woke up, scaring away Giant Pangolin and Giant Armadillo, that were investigating for their target at that moment. The scream and tiger roars belong to Siberian Tiger.
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