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Siberian Husky


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Friend Data
Actress: Mako Komaki (JS) / Natsu Fukui (Re:JS)
Appears In: ?
Siberian Husky KF3 Stage Play Gallery

Siberian Husky appears as a character in the Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~.


She is a being who became a Friends without losing her memory of when she was an animal.

Role in the Plot

She was originally a dog that used to live near the school Sachiko and Miri attended, but died after being run over by a trolley. She was then reborn as Friends.

She met Bat-Eared Fox and Black Leopard when she was a newborn. When she tells them that she has memories of her time with humans, Black Leopard introduces her to Sheep. In the highland area, she meets Sheep and Domestic Pig, and as a result of their conversation about humans, she fully recalls her memories of Sachiko and Miri and heads for the cave. There, she notices Sachiko and Miri at the end of a hole in the cave and tells them about the solar panels and wind turbine anomalies. She then advised Sachiko and Miri to get along. Sachiko and Miri fixed the control panel of the windmill, and she and her friends filmed Sachiko and Miri's dance with their smart phones. However, the hole in the cave became too small because of the Cellien and the control panel could not pass through the hole, but she found Sachiko and Miri's time capsule and the control panel came out of it.

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