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Friend Data
Voiced by:
村川梨衣 Murakawa Rie
KFKSplendor.png Splendor
KFK Weakener.png Controller
Attack Type:
Single-Target Ranged
June 7, 2022
ID #:
Shoebill Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Shoebill is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“I'm not angry, this is my resting face.”
Shoebill's profile

The oft-misunderstood Shoebill is best known as the intimidating guard of Jungle Castle. Her gaze strikes even the toughest of Friends with fear, leaving them frozen in their tracks, and her combat prowess is not to be underestimated. While it may appear that Shoebill is one of the most fearsome Friends in all of Kingdom, she truthfully would love to chat with other Friends... if they could steel their nerves long enough to not crack and flee from her piercing stare. She has made attempts to be more inviting, such as putting on a forced smile, but it would seem these efforts only exacerbate the issue at hand; perhaps the best way for other Friends to not be scared of Shoebill is for them to simply say hello, and meet a very caring avian Friend who puts the needs of others first and foremost.


Japanese English
? Shoebill, at your service. You can trust me.

Role in the Plot

Main Story

Shoebill is first mentioned by Caracal and Serval in Prologue 0-5, *Ready, Set, Hunt!* The feline Friends warn Jinri, Least Weasel and Chevrotain—who seek to visit Jungle Castle— of Shoebill's immense power, cautioning them that meeting the King of Jungle Castle would first require getting past her. They even say that the mighty Hippopotamus lost in her battle with Shoebill, though Hippo soon dispels this as a rumor; she explains that, although the two did meet, they never fought.

Shoebill herself first appears in Chapter 1-1, *Immobile Guard*, when the travelling party encounters her on the road to Jungle Castle. They observe her from a distance, getting information about her from their Lucky Beast companion, when a colossal Cerulean rises from the shadows and approaches Shoebill from behind. Though Least Weasel springs into action, fearing Shoebill has failed to notice the threat, the entire party is startled when Shoebill swiftly eliminates the giant in a single blow. Least Weasel barely dodges the attack meant for the monster, and when the dust settles, the two hunters check up on one another, each believing the other had failed to detect the attacker. A short conversation and Shoebill's expression of gratitude for Least Weasel's intentions quickly reveals that Shoebill is not a particularly threatening Friend. When the party requests an audience with the King of Jungle Castle, Shoebill explains that, while she would be glad to permit such a meeting, the King is not in the Jungle Castle at that time. She directs the travellers down a main road where the King has been assisting in clearing large fallen trees for some time. When Chevrotain volunteers Jinri's human intellect to assist in clearing the debris in exchange for ensuring an audience with the King, Shoebill accepts the bargain, and the party heads off.


African Bush Elephant

Shoebill is the guard of the Jungle Castle, and African Bush Elephant is its King. The two are a formidable team with a great mutual understanding of one another, though African Bush Elephant's tendency to always be on the move is not something Shoebill wholly approves of; the bird Friend would appreciate if her King would stick around to perform her kingly duties inside of the Castle, rather than only assist with the tasks beyond its walls.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 990 6401 PATK 248 1613
PDEF 194 1157 SATK 74 443
SDEF 194 1157 Speed 58 58
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Immovable Creed I
If the Miracle reduces more ATK than the target's ATK, Miracle DMG +230%.
Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +35% Same-Radiance Teammate Friends' DMG +6% Immovable Creed II
If the Miracle reduces more ATK than the target's ATK, Miracle DMG +230%. Also, for every 300 overflowing ATK reduction, Miracle DMG is further increased by 40%.
Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: With a Radiant Advantage, all Friends take 1% less damage from Celliens.

Awaken Tier 2: With a Radiant Advantage, all Friends take 4% less damage from Celliens.

My Eyes Are Upon You
Shoebill remains still and gazes sharply at an enemy unit, dealing PDMG equal to 487% PATK.

The target's ATK -5492 for 7 rounds, during which their DEF -326.

Danger Awareness
Silent Hunter
I See Your Core
Shoebill starts hunting. Her Miracle's ATK reduction effect is now 28% more effective. Shoebill's Miracle now reduces the ATK of all nearby Celliens, but the effectiveness is reduced by 48%. After using her Miracle, Shoebill has a 100% chance to reveal the Core of the target Cellien for 1 round.
Nature Skill Gazer Lv.1/2
House of Air Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Colorful Summer
KFKShoebillCombo.png KFKChameleonCombo.png

Shoebill, Panther Chameleon

All Friends' ATK +19% for 3 rounds. This effect is halved every round.
Special Attributes
KFK Up Arrow.pngThis Friend is capable of flight, allowing them to avoid ground-based hazards.


Shoebill is the premier Control Friend in Kemono Friends Kingdom. Being the only 6-Star Control Friend, her powerful ATK-reduction capabilities and the nigh-universal requirement for teams to have a Control Friend mean that Shoebill is perhaps the game's most "staple" unit, being effectively mandatory for most higher-level raid battles. Her only competitors are both 5-Star Friends, and are typically only seen on specific stages or specific team styles; Jaguar is only used over Shoebill for multi-component bosses such as Nest of Thorns, and Sand Cat is only used over Shoebill on dice teams which happen to also run both of Tsuchinoko and King Cobra.

Players who do not have Shoebill are advised to use Sand Cat as their go-to Control Friend, but should note that Sand Cat lacks the defensive capabilities of Shoebill and as such will falter in some higher-level situations where Shoebill would succeed. Jaguar is only recommended for use over either of the aforementioned against multi-component bosses; although Shoebill's second Habit, **Silent Hunter**, does allow her to become an AoE Control Friend, this comes with a 48% reduction in her Miracle's effectiveness which Jaguar does not suffer from.


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