Shiserval Lefty

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Shiserval Lefty

Shiserval LeftyOriginal.jpg

Character Data
Japanese Name: シーサーバル・レフティ
Romanised Name: Shīsābaru refuti
First Featured in:  ?
Collaboration Data
Classification:  ?
Original Species: Serval, Shisa Lefty
Read More:  ?
Conservation Status: Uma label.png
Shiserval Lefty Festival KF3

Shiserval Lefty is a Friend based on Serval and Shisa Lefty for an event in Okinawa.


Shiserval Lefty has both Shisa Lefty's downward-facing adornments and Serval's characteristic large ears, although orange tipped with a darker shade instead of yellow and brown. Her hair remains the same colour as Serval's. The "M" shaped marking in her hair is a dark red, and there are some small orange spikes around the Shisa adornments somewhat resembling the Shisa's hair. Around her neck is a dark red similar collar to Shisa Lefty's, though the centerpiece has yellow and light blue on the bottom rather than the top, and features another "M" marking. Connected to this collar are the ends of Serval's bowtie, in the same orange as the Shiserval's ears with darker spots and a white edge. The two tails appear more like Serval's, with stripes and a light underside, and retain the yellow and light blue tips.

Shiserval Lefty wears a furry-looking strapless orange top, with dark stripes and a light patch in the middle. Her gloves appear spiked at the end, and the clawed paws of the Shisas appear to be a separate pair of gloves on top of the Serval-like ones. She wears a near identical bottom piece to Shisa Lefty, though the swirl-shape on Shiserval Lefty's are biggar and point downwards. Similar to her gloves, her socks are pointier at the top and extend out to appear as boots, as well as having the lighter colours and the Serval markings. She wears a dark red pair of shoes with separated paws like a Shisa's, with blue and light yellow bows.

Like Shisa Lefty, her mouth is closed based on the same beliefs.

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