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Shisa Lefty

Shisa Lefty Manga.png

Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 14
Featured in Chapter(s): Chapter 14
Location: Riukiu area
Occupation: Unknown
Associated Characters: Shisa Right
Shisa Lefty Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

A Shisa Lefty Friend appears in chapter 14 of the Kemono Friends Manga. In her only appearance, she and Shisa Right lead Nana, Ezo Red Fox, Silver Fox, and Serval on a tour in the Riukiu area. Of the two Shisas, she is the only one who does not speak.


Because she doesn't speak, is it difficult to know what Shisa Lefty's personality is like in detail. When the two Shisas are introduced to Nana and everyone else, Shisa Lefty does not smile like her counterpart does, and instead gazes at everyone with a neutral expression and body language. When Shisa Right is explaining the fortune effects of shisa ornaments, Shisa Lefty is shown to the left of her and wears another neutral facial expression, but this time the line of her mouth is a small slanted dash.

Role in the Plot

Shisa Lefty appears with Shisa Right to guide Nana, Serval, Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox on their trip in the Riukiu area. Shisa Lefty's dedication to not speaking makes her a very passive character who does not affect the plot much. She takes the group to the aquarium with Shisa Right, and when Silver Fox declares that she will be taking them home, Shisa Lefty she boards the return train with Shisa Right, surprising Nana.


Shisa Right

Shisa Lefty appears with Shisa Right who speaks on behalf of the both of them. Because Shisa Lefty does not speak herself, it is not known what the interactions between them are like.

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