Shiny Night Party's Invitation

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The main screen for accessing the Shiny Night Party's Invitation event.

An invitation, two dancing figures, what adventures lie ahead?

Shiny Night Party's Invitation (also known as Invitation of Shiny Night Party) was a limited-time event in Kemono Friends Kingdom which ran from September 14, 2023 at 5:00 server time to September 28, 2023 at 5:00 server time. In a manner very similar in structure to that of the event which preceded it, this event featured adventure stages rewarding players with cut-scenes, stage completion bonuses, and event currency with which further rewards could be redeemed from an event shop. The story of the event revolved around Western Parotia and Greater Lophorina, who had just been added to the game.

In-Game Event Description

  1. During Shiny Night Party's Invitation event, clearing an event stage rewards Vivacious Note, which can be redeemed in the Store for items you want.
  2. An event stage cleared also unlocks a new story. Clear all the stages to enjoy the journey with Friends!


King's Commission

The story opens with a scene of Western Parotia and Greater Lophorina scouting out a clearing deep in the jungle for a stage on which to perform and refine their song and dance routine. They find a suitable space, and excitedly skip off to find shiny stones with which to decorate the area.

Jungle Crow, who has decided to host Churaumi Castle's first-ever song and dance party, extends an invitation to the player, Chevrotain, and Least Weasel on the shoreline near Churaumi Castle. As Jungle Crow and Jinri explain to Chevrotain and Least Weasel what exactly a song and dance party entails, it is revealed that it was in fact Jinri, not Jungle Crow, who proposed the event; the latter simply wanted to host some form of lively celebration, but could not think of any satisfactory ideas on her own and thus consulted the former for advice. Jungle Crow asks the trio for their help in handing out invitations to the other castles across Kingdom, as while she had other members of Churaumi Castle assisting in deliveries, they were still short-handed. The party gladly accepts, and makes its way from castle to castle issuing letters of invitation far and wide; this journey is not detailed, however, and the narrative picks back up with the trio making their way through a rainforest as night begins to fall. When Jinri pulls ahead of her partners, they start to lose sight of her and become worried and break into a run to catch up- which ends with Least Weasel and Chevrotain slipping and falling into a pit, unable to see properly in the dim light and moving too fast to heed Jinri's warning. While Chevrotain is uninjured, Least Weasel hits her head and ends up badly dazed, forcing the party to rest a while. After Least Weasel recovers and, naturally, bickers gently with Chevrotain as they both try to apologize for the accident, Jinri reveals they have a more pressing matter to worry about: the fact that they've gotten themselves lost in the dark rainforest. Even when they try to consult their Lucky Beast guide for directions, the endeavor is fruitless; be it due to the thick jungle canopy or the outdated maps used by the Lucky Beasts, it only takes them around in a circle, back to the pit they'd initially left. Suddenly, Least Weasel picks up on the sound of someone's singing through the trees, and the group makes haste in following the sound in hopes of finding someone who knows the layout of the rainforest better than they do.

Unique Dance

Synopsis coming soon!

The Show that Dispels Darkness

Synopsis coming soon!

Crisis Before Dawn

This is an additional story detailing the fated first meeting between Western Parotia and Greater Lophorina. Synopsis coming soon!

Event Details

The event's main story had players battle their way through four chapters- King's Commission, Unique Dance, Rabbit Hero & Exquisite Feast, The Show that Dispels Darkness, and Crisis Before Dawn, respectively- to defeat Celliens and collect Vivacious Notes. There were a total of 64 stages: 32 Normal mode stages and 32 Hard mode stages. Hard Mode stages mirrored the Normal mode stages, but possessed a generally increased difficulty; however, unlike the previous event, Hard mode had no stages which could be blitzed to obtain greater reward ratios than what any Normal stage could provide. Instead, the highest ratio of rewards was 1:22, which could be found on TA3-8 through TA4-8 in Normal mode and on all Hard mode stages. This event story did not feature bonus stages, but the amount of event currency obtained per stage was slightly higher on average. As was the case for the previous event, all event story stages required a flat 10 Focus to play; this did not increase with a stage's chapter, difficulty, or reward ratio.

Vivacious Notes

Vivacious Notes were a special event currency which could be exchanged in the Bird-of-paradise Gathering event shop for rewards such as Fluorites, Kingdom Buns, Encounter Tickets, Awakening and Miracle Enhancement materials, and Manuscripts.

Completing a stage with Western Parotia or Greater Lophorina granted a 5% boost to the total Vivacious Notes gained; if both Friends were in the party, this boost would stack, capping at a 10% bonus. Additionally, if one of these two Friends was active on the field, she would automatically collect any and all Vivacious Notes concurrently on the field; otherwise, Friends would need to be launched directly into Vivacious Notes in order to collect them, which on some stages could be impossible to do.


Bugs and Issues

  • At the beginning of the event, the 5% bonus granted by each of Western Parotia and Greater Lophorina was not applied when playing or blitzing Hard mode stages. This was fixed a few days in, and some compensation was delivered to affected players.
  • Additionally, Hard mode stages experienced an issue where the Vivacious Notes collected on a given stage, as produced by musical note blocks, were not converted into event currency upon completion of the stage; this was fixed later on, and compensation of 5000 Vivacious Notes was delivered to the inboxes of affected players; notably, this was considerably more than what any single player would have missed out on due to that particular bug's effects.
  • On the main screen, extra spaces were present between the apostrophe and final S of the word "Party's" in the event title. This was not fixed before the event ended.


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