Sheep's Song

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Sheep's Song

Sheep's Song.jpg

Song Data
Japanese Title: ひつじのうた
Rōmaji Title: Hitsuji no Uta
Album: Stage Play "Kemono Friends"
Artist: Misaki Nishikawa
Composer:  ?
Lyricist:  ?
Duration:  ?

Sheep's Song is the eighth original song performed during the Kemono Friends Stage Play. As its title implies, it is sung by Sheep, who bleats to the melody of the song which would soon be known as Kemono Michi.

It is a short song comprised entirely of bleating. Sheep sings it after demanding that the Savanna Girls leave her alone, intimidating Serval and then hiding behind an intercom pole.


Japanese Rōmaji English


mē me mē me mē mē mē

mē me mē mē mē

baa bah baa bah baa baa baa

baa bah baa baa baa

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