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Friend Data
Actress: Yuka Ozaki
Home Area: Savanna
Idol Unit: Savanna Girls
Associated Characters: Okapi, Woolly Mammoth, Black Leopard, Raccoon Dog
Performed Songs: Savanna Super Girls, Japari Bun Rap, Friends, Kemono Michi
Serval Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Serval appears as one of the protagonists of the Stage Play "Kemono Friends". She is the leader of the idol unit known as the "Savanna Girls".


Much like her anime counterpart, Serval is brimming with joy and positivity all throughout the stage play. She encourages her friends to do their best and, even when competing with Penguins Performance Project, is ever a good sport and does what she can to help them prepare for the competition.

Despite her good qualities, she is rather clueless (often to comedic effect), misreading the situation when both Black Leopard and Woolly Mammoth humbly pretend to decline her offer to join the Savanna Girls, much to both Friends' chagrin.

Role in the Plot

Serval meets and immediately befriends the newly-born Okapi, helping her to figure out what kind of animal she is and then showing her around the Savanna. The two then embark on an adventure that involves becoming pop idols, uncovering lost human technology and music, and defeating a black Cerulean.



Serval and Okapi become fast friends after the latter's birth at the beginning of the stage play story.

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