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Friend Data
Voiced by: Yuka Ozaki
First Appearance: Episode 1
Home Area: Unknown
Associated Characters: Caracal, Kyururu
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Serval Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery
"T-that's not all of it!"
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Serval is a Friend that appears as one of the main characters of Kemono Friends 2.


Serval is very energetic and supportive. She remains upbeat, positive, and a commitment to friendship and companionship with those she travels with over time. Serval is not afraid to tackle new challenges and is dedicated to protecting those she cares about, and knows when to take the initiative when facing threats and challenges on her own. Serval shows that she deeply cares for her friends, going as far to check on them in times of need, and has a knack for getting along and understanding people she is close to. While she may not be knowledgeable, she demonstates adaptablity, especially in times of need.

Throughout, Serval remains fiercely optimistic and a source of positivity in everything she does.

Role in the Plot

Serval decides to help Kyururu find his home. While she retains her helpful nature and cheerful perspective from the first season of Kemono Friends, she has notable gaps in her memory of her previous adventures with Kaban.



Caracal and Serval are together and are prior friends in the beginning of the series.


Kaban and Serval do not demonstrate an obvious history with one another. Kaban shows she has a connection to Serval, but Serval doesn't entirely acknowledge this, despite getting a familiar feeling from Kaban.

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