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Friend Data
First Appearance: Vol. 1 Ch. 1
Featured in Chapter(s): 1-4, 6-7, 9, 13-16(17?), 19-19.5
Location: Savanna
Occupation: Friend
Associated Characters: Nana, Ezo Red Fox, Koala Caracal
Serval Anime Season 2 Manga Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Serval is one of the main characters of the manga, along with her caretaker Nana and Ezo Red Fox. She has many chapters featuring her, usually alongside either Ezo Red Fox or her best friend Caracal.


Serval is a very cheerful Friend who would do anything to make other Friends happy. She is almost never seen alone. She seems to get along with everyone despite her clumsiness, and always means well with all her actions. She is seen in multiple areas around Japari Park regardless of the environment of the area, which may imply that she's a very adaptive Friend.

She's shown to be a very physically fit Friend, being able to do amazing physical feats on top of her ability to adapt to many different areas of the Park.

Role in the Plot

Serval appears in many chapters throughout the manga, doing various tasks and/or being in various situations.

Volume 1 Chapter 01

Serval is one of the first Friends to appear in the entire manga, where she and Ezo Red Fox is introduced to Nana. Upon meeting her new Handler, she is very excited and immediately takes a liking to her.

Volume 1 Chapter 03

Serval and Koala undergo a physical aptitude test. Throughout all the activities, Serval is shown to have a physical level that Nana even calls superhuman. Her clumsiness however causes her to keep starting before the signal, and at one point made her fall from a cliff, giving her a sprain. However, they need not go to the clinic as Koala's healing abilities allowed her to be patched up quickly.

Volume 1 Chapter 04

Chapter 4 starts with Serval eagerly wanting to throw Nana a welcome party, and so she asks her best friend Caracal to help her with organizing the event. Serval is very thankful for Caracal agreeing to help, but Caracal makes a one-off retort about Serval's clumsiness.

First, Serval suggests a very meat-heavy selection of food, but Caracal outright rejects it, pointing out that it's too heavy of a meal for Nana. Caracal then teaches Serval a bit about herbivorous eating, which Caracal uses as an opportunity to call Serval out on being not-level headed, which Serval doesn't take lightly.

Serval and Caracal continue to organize the party, as they eventually finish with the program, invitations, opening and closing remarks, among other things.

She sneakily prepared the surprise box to contain a toy snake instead of a toy Serval, which ends up surprising Caracal rather than Nana.

Volume 1 Chapter 07

Serval and Caracal were going hiking in the snowy mountains, but eventually got lost in the middle of a snowstorm. When they check the supplies that they brought, Serval tells Caracal that she left the food and decided to just bring the stuffed toys instead, which greatly annoys Caracal.

While trying to figure out what to do next, Reindeer, an acquaintance of Serval, appears. Surprised to see Friends in need of help in the mountains for the first time, Caracal immediately asks Reindeer if she knew the way back down, but unfortunately she doesn't. Reindeer offers them ice cream as it's the only food they have, which Serval eats without a second thought. She eats a lot of the strawberry ice cream despite Caracal telling her that it'll just make her colder, and she does start to feel colder shortly after.

After Reindeer's last ditch efforts to try and warm up both her and Caracal, through the exhaustion to the point of possibly dying, Serval greatly thanks Caracal for being a great Friend. This makes Caracal not sure how to respond, surprised at how Serval is saying things like these. Just as Serval fell unconscious, the snowstorm stopped, which gave them an opportunity to down the mountain via sled.

During the ride, Serval immediately wakes up feeling almost completely fine, which gives Caracal a huge sigh of relief, but Caracal is the one whose body is giving up this time.

After they go down, Serval is attending to a bedridden Caracal, who suffered some illnesses from the trip. Caracal laments what she went through, but Serval found it quite an adventure. Despite these conflicting statements, Caracal was internally very glad to know what Serval thought of her, to which Caracal then just keeps what she wants to say about it to herself.



Nana is her Handler. While the amount of times we see them together compared to Nana and Ezo Red Fox are short, all of their interactions usually go well and their relationship is a very happy one.


Caracal is her best friend, and the two are usually seen doing various tasks of varying natures. Their complimenting personalities allow them to accomplish a lot of things, with Serval's playfulness, eagerness, and ditzy tendencies balance out Caracal's analytical and sometimes overly focused personality.

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