Scarlet Ibis's Character Quest

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Scarlet Ibis


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Pink-Backed Pelican
Jungle Cat

Scarlet Ibis's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Scarlet Ibis. It takes place in the Houtoku Region.


The quest opens in the Houtoku Region of Japari Park, where Scarlet Ibis and Crested Ibis are talking. Scarlet Ibis smugly declares herself red and beautiful, causing Toki to ask Scarlet Ibis why she said this so suddenly. Scarlet Ibis goes on to say that to maintain her beautiful color, she must go through many troubles, while Crested Ibis agrees on the beauty of Scarlet Ibis's color. Scarlet Ibis chuckles smugly, then tells Crested Ibis that she has information for her, piquing Toki's curiosity. Scarlet Ibis tells her that there is a fruit that makes Scarlet's red pigment become even more beautiful, and Toki nervously tells her that information isn't useful to her.

Scarlet Ibis then asks Crested Ibis to accompany her on a search for this fruit. Toki says it doesn't have anything to do with her, but Scarlet convinces her by saying that she is good at singing, and will accompany Toki for singing practice. Hopeful, Toki reluctantly considers the offer, though Scarlet says that even if Toki becomes better at singing, she will never be as good as her, and tells her they will be departing soon. Toki tries to say she hasn't actually agreed yet, but gives up, and she quickly notices something. Scarlet asks what she noticed, and Toki says she sees Ceruleans nearby. Hearing this, Scarlet smugly declares they will charge forward, and that she will entrance the Ceruleans using her song.

After fighting the Ceruleans, Toki asks where the fruit is, prompting Scarlet to smugly declare she has no clue. Toki questions why Scarlet said this so smugly, and asks if it is true that this fruit will make Scarlet Ibis have an even more beautiful red color. Scarlet confidently declares that it's true, stating that it is trustworthy information she heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of her friend, annoying Toki, who can tell that the information has little credibility. Regardless, Scarlet insists that there is a method to become more beautiful, but smugly boasts that she was the most beautiful from the beginning anyway. Toki says that she doesn't need to be more beautiful in that case, but Scarlet insists she cannot do that, and wants to be more beautiful.

However, Toki says that before they can continue searching, they must confront the Ceruleans which have appeared nearby. Scarlet declares that she will not show mercy to those who try to stop her from becoming even more beautiful, and the two defeat them. Afterwards, Toki notices a fruit that she hasn't seen before, noting it's red pigment. Scarlet exclaims that is the fruit that the two are searching for, but Toki notices that a large gathering of Ceruleans is close by, and suggests hiding until they have cleared away. Scarlet impatiently says that not only is it possible the Ceruleans will eat the fruit if they do that, but that she is not good at staying still. She puts on a smug face and rushes out, declaring that the fruit belongs to her and telling the Ceruleans to go away. Toki watches in disbelief and frustration, and realizes that things are going to end badly if she doesn't step in and help, which she does begrudgingly.

Once the fight is over, Scarlet Ibis is overjoyed at having finally obtained the red fruit. Crested Ibis congratulates her, and reminds her that she promised to accompany her the next time she does "that". Scarlet Ibis asks what that is, and Toki exasperatedly says that Scarlet forgot, just like she thought. She tells her that she promised to help her practice her singing, and Scarlet smugly says that she forgot completely. Toki comments on how odd it is that she said that smugly, but Scarlet continues, saying she will keep her promise, and they should use her song as reference. Toki says that she just wants to sing without helping her practice, prompting Scarlet to ask if she's been exposed.

Toki reminds her that she promised, and Scarlet reassures her that she knows, but asks her how they should practice. Unsure what to do without a plan, Toki admits that she wants to sing together with someone, pondering if that kind of practice is good. Scarlet assures her that practicing that way would be good, and says that maybe by singing together, Toki will grasp the trick to improvement. Toki thanks her, prepares herself to sing, and the two then begin to sing in unison.

“I thought the world was going to end!”
Serval, in her diary

Somewhere in Japari Park, Serval hears the sound of the singing and screams.


Character English Japanese
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis is red and beautiful! *smug face* ショウジョウトキは赤くて綺麗!(ドヤァ)
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
What’s with you all of a sudden? 急にどうしたの?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
In maintaining this beautiful color, Scarlet Ibis goes through many never-ending troubles. この綺麗な色を維持するためには色々苦労が絶えないのですよ
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Certainly, you have a beautiful color. 確かに、綺麗な色だわ
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Fufufu. *smug face* By the way, Scarlet Ibis has good information for Crested Ibis, too. ふっふっふ(ドヤァ)ところで、そんなショウジョウトキはトキにも耳寄りな情報を持ってきたんですよ
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
… … What information? ... ... どんな情報?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
You won't believe it! There's a fruit that can make this red coloration even more beautiful! なんと!この赤をより綺麗にする実があるのですよ!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Uhm… … That isn't really good information for me, though. うん... ... 私には別に耳寄りな情報じゃないわね
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
But about that part, will you search for that fruit together with Scarlet Ibis? そこでなんですけど、一緒にその実を探してくれませんか?
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
But that part is why it doesn't have anything to do with me… … Hey, listen… … だから、私には関係は... ...。話を聞いて... ...
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Well, well, don’t say that. If you help me, this Scarlet Ibis, who is good at singing, will accompany you to singing practice. まあまあ、そう言わずに。手伝ってくれたら、この歌が上手いショウジョウトキが歌の練習に付き合ってあげますから
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
… … Really? ... ... 本当?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Really! Well, even if you become better at it, you will never exceed this Scarlet Ibis. Now then, let’s depart soon! ホントです!ま、上手くなっても、このショウジョウトキを超えることはないと思いますがね。それじゃあ早速しゅっぱーつ!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
I haven't said if I'm alright with this yet… … Well, whatever… … Ah. まだいいって言ってない。... ... まあ、いいけど。... ... あ
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
What’s up? どうしました?
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
There are Ceruleans there… … What should we do? あそこにセルリアンがいる... ... どうするの?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
It's been decided. We'll charge forward, like this! Scarlet Ibis will entrance them with her song! *smug face* 決まってます。このまま突き進むのみ!ショウジョウトキの歌に酔いしれさせます!(ドヤァ)
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Now then… … Where is that fruit? それで... ... その実はどこにあるの?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
I don’t know! *smug face* わかりません!(ドヤァ)
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Why did you put on a smug face? Also… … is it true that if you eat that fruit, it will give you a beautiful red coloration? どうしてドヤ顔になるの? それに... ... 本当にその実を食べると綺麗な赤になるの?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
It will! The friend of my friend's friend's friend heard about the rumor. It’s trustworthy information. なりますよ!私のと私の友達の友達の友達の友達が噂を聞いたと言ってました。信頼できる情報です
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
It’s untrustworthy information the whole way through. 果てしなく信頼性の薄い情報なのね
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Anyhow, there’s a method to make you even more beautiful! Although, since the beginning, Scarlet Ibis has been the most beautiful. *smug face* とにかくもっと綺麗になる方法はあるんです!ショウジョウトキは元々一番キレイですけどね(ドヤァ)
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
You don’t need to become more beautiful, then… … なら、もう綺麗にならなくてもいいんじゃ... ...
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis can’t accept that! Scarlet Ibis wants to become more beautiful! そうはいきませんよ!まだまだ綺麗になりたいんです!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Before we do that, we must do something about the Ceruleans which are approaching. その前に、こっちに向かってくるセルリアンをなんとかしないとね
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis will not give any mercy to those who try to stop her from becoming beautiful! ショウジョウトキが綺麗になることを止める奴は容赦しませんよ!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Hey, that fruit. I've never seen it… … It’s also red in color. ねえ。あそこの実、見たことない実ね。... ... 色も赤いし
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Ooooooooooh! That’s the fruit that we're looking for! おおおおおおおおおおおおお!あれこそまさに探していた赤い実ですよ!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
But, there are lot of Ceruleans over there… … For now, we should hide. If we stay still like this, they will surely leave and go somewhere else. でも、あそこにセルリアンがいっぱいいる... ... ひとまず隠れましょう。ここでジットしていれば、そのうちどこかに行くはずよ
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
But if we do that, maybe the fruit will be eaten! And… … そんなことしてたら、せっかくの実が食べられちゃうかもしてませんよ!それに... ...
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
And? それに?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis is not good at staying still! *smug face* Hey! That fruit belongs to Scarlet Ibis! Get away from it immediately! ショウジョウトキはジットするのが苦手なんです!(ドヤァ)コラー!その実はショウジョウトキのものです!すぐにそこから離れなさい!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
She’s gone… … This… … if I don’t go help, it’s going to end badly, isn't it? 行ってしまったわ... ...。これは... ... 私も行かないとマズいわよね?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Hear Scarlet Ibis's magnificent song and reform yourself! ショウジョウトキの華麗な歌声を聴いて改心してください!
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis did it! At last, she has her hands on the red fruit! やりましたよ!ついに赤い実を手に入れました!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Yes. Congratulations. So, next time I do it, you will accompany me to my thing, right? うん。おめでとう。それじゃあ、今度は私のすることに付き合ってね?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
What thing is that? なんでしたっけ?
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
You’ve forgotten, just like I thought… … You will accompany me while I practice my singing, right? 忘れると思った... ...。歌の練習に付き合ってくれるんでしょう?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Ooh! I completely forgot. *smug face* おお!すっかり忘れてました(ドヤァ)
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Isn't it odd to be making a smug face after doing that? そこでドヤ顔はおかしいでしょ
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Well, well, I'll keep my promise. First, let’s use Scarlet Ibis's song as a reference! まあまあ、約束は守るから。まずはショウジョウトキの歌を参考にしましょう!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
That's… … you just want to sing alone, right? それ... ... 自分が歌いたいだけよね?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Have I been exposed? バレました?
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
… … Your promise. ... ... 約束
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis knows! But how should we practice? 分かってますよ!しかし、どうやって練習しますかね
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
No plan, huh… … … … I want to sing together with someone, though I wonder if that kind of practice is good? ノープランだったのね... ...。... ... 私、誰かと一緒に歌ってみたかったのだけど、そういう練習もありかしら?
Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Scarlet Ibis
Ooh, it’s good! Maybe by singing together with Scarlet Ibis, you'll learn the trick to becoming better for a bit! おお、いいですね!ショウジョウトキと一緒に歌うことで、上手くなるコツが少しは掴めるかもしれないですよ!
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis
Thank you. Then… … one, two, go. ありがとう。それじゃあ... ... せーのっ
Crested IbisNexonIcon.png Scarlet IbisNexonIcon.png
Crested Ibis & Scarlet Ibis
*singing* 〜〜♪ 〜〜♪
Nyaaa!? ひにゃぁああ!?
SERVAL'S DIARY I thought the world was going to end! 〜サーバル日記〜 世界が終わるのかな、って思いました
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