Savanna Girls

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Savanna Girls



Serval (Yuka Ozaki)

Okapi (Hotaru Nomoto)

Black Leopard (Azusa Inamura)

Woolly Mammoth (Moeno Nito)

Raccoon Dog (Rihona Kato)

Savanna Girls (Japanese: サバンナガールズ Hepburn: Sabanna Gāruzu) is a unit of Friends appearing in Stage Play "Kemono Friends".


Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

Savanna Girls is an idol group that was created in conjunction with a project by Blue Whale for the Japari Park Anniversary Festival. At first, this group was a rival team of PPP, and nothing had been decided except that the leader was Serval. Serval was the first to add Okapi as a member, later joined by members such as Black Leopard, Raccoon Dog, and Woolly Mammoth. The girls then obtained a new song, Kemonomichi, from Sheep via Royal Penguin and sang it at the Japari Park Memorial Festival. Savanna Girls is an idol group with the purpose of not only singing but also preserving the song Kemonomichi.


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