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Savanna Area

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The Savanna Area is a type of Area found in Japari Park..

The Savanna Area is notable in that it appears almost as a "mascot" area of the franchise, having been used in promotional art frequently, and is the location used during the opening scenes of almost all Kemono Friends media that it appears in, most notably the anime. Because of this, the Savanna Area is the first place in Japari Park that most fans of Kemono Friends will see.


The Savanna area type is a large, open prairie containing grassland and small woodlands where the trees are spaced far apart in such a way that they do not obscure sunlight and form a closed canopy. The Savanna areas of Kemono Friends tend to resemble the savannas of Africa, such as the Serengeti.

The Savanna area in the Kyōshū Region once dominated the entire region - however, due to the effects of Sandstar, the Savanna Area was later confined to a much smaller portion of the island. Still, the Savanna is impressively vast in all its incarnations, and is home to many Friends such as Serval, Caracal, and Aardwolf.


The Savanna Area has likely existed since the discovery of Japari Park. During the manga and the original mobile game, it dominated the entirety of the Kyōshū region, before Sandstar terraformed the island to contain multiple distinct Areas.

Kemono Friends (2015 Mobile Game)

During the Nexon game, the entirety of the Kyōshū Region is a Savanna area.

In the prologue, the Kyōshū Region and the accompanying Savanna is the first place that the protagonist visits after being chosen to come to Japari Park. At this time, the protagonist meets Serval and Mirai, learns how to fight with the assistance of Brown Bear, and then spots Cerval, the mysterious Serval-shaped Cellien. for the first time.

During the first chapter of the story, it is revealed that Silver Fox is trailing the group. Along the way, Mirai tells the story of how the protagonist came to the park, and informs them about the crisis the Park is in due to the Celliens terrorizing the Friends. However, she also speaks of how Sandstar transforms animals into the animal girls known as Friends. Serval starts inquiring the protagonist about their amulet, feeling like it seems familiar for some reason. During this time, the party has encounters with Barbary Lion, at the same time, Cerval has an encounter with African Bush Elephant.

Meanwhile, Cerval attacks Caracal in order to get her Japari Bun. This causes Caracal to believe that Serval attacked her. The party meets up with Leopard and Black Leopard before reaching Caracal. Upon meeting up, Caracal is furious with Serval and refuses to believe in the existence of a Serval-shaped Cellien. Later, however, Caracal sees with her own eyes that Cerval does indeed exist. As they do battle with the Fake Serval for the first time, the grup hears the name of a "Queen" for the first time. After the battle, Caracal apologies to Serval for distrusting her, and joins the group for the rest of their adventure. The party then moves on towards the this will later cause misunderstanding between Caracal and Serval that will continue for quite sometimes before finally Caracal herself saw with her own eyes Cellien like Serval. During their first battle with this Fake Serval, the group learnt the name of “Queen” from Fake Serval. In the end Caracal apologizes to Serval for not trusting her and joins the party as they head towards the An'in Region.

An area similar to a Savanna in appearance known as the Shopping Center Area appears in Park Central.

The story of the Nexon game ends in the end in Kyōshū Region during the sunset. Serval talks to the protagonist regarding all of the memories they have made together, along with the prospect of meeting new Friends that they haven't met before. The scene, and main story, ends with Serval and the protagonist promising to always explore Japari Park together.

The Savanna Area is also the site of many of the game's Character Quests. Koala, Bengal Tiger, Lion, Ezo Red Fox, Brown Bear, Red Kangaroo, Cheetah, Japanese Wolf, Red Panda, African Bush Elephant, Barbary Lion. Reticulated Giraffe, Maned Wolf, and Thylacine's quests all take place in this Area.

Kemono Friends (2017 Anime)

By the time of the anime's first season, Kyōshū is no longer pure Savanna, and the Savanna Area now borders the Jungle Area. Serval meets a Friend named Kaban who doesn't know what kind of animal she is. She tells Kaban to go to the Japari Library to help the answer. Along the way, the two of them meet with a bathing Hippopotamus at a watering hole after they go to it to quench their thirst.

Afterwards, Serval hears the scared cry of Aardwolf, who was attacked by a Cellien and returned to her original animal form. After Kaban and Serval defeat the Cellien together, they seem to part ways, but Serval is unable to leave and the two continue their journey together.

Later, Fennec Fox and Arai-san begin their chase after the person who stole Arai-san's hat.

Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

Okapi was born.

Kemono Friends Festival

The Savanna Area is one of the many Areas of Riukiu that Serval and Aardwolf travel to during their journey.

Kemono Friends Pavilion

The Savanna Areas of both the Nexon game and of the first season of the anime both appear as Areas in the gameplay of Kemono Friends Pavilion. The anime's Savanna, labeled as "Gen ?", is the first Area unlocked in the game.

Other Appearances

Kemono Friends Picross

The Savanna Area is featured as the backdrop to the menu, and is also featured as the subject of Picross mode puzzle 017.

Kemono Friends Puzzle Puzzle Gokko

The Savanna Area is used as the backdrop for the beginning levels of the puzzle game.

Kemono Friends Alarm

The Savanna Area is used as Alarm's backdrop.


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