Sand Cat's Character Quest

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Sand Cat


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Reticulated Giraffe
African Wild Dog

Sand Cat's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Sand Cat. It takes place in the San'kai Region.


The story opens up with Sand Cat and Serval together in the desert. Serval comments that the desert reminds her of a massive sandbox, and invites Sand Cat to play with her. Sand Cat agrees, as it is in her nature as a Sand Cat to do just that sort of thing. Serval begins to make a sand castle, asking for Mirai and the Protagonist to join her. However, after Serval finishes the sand castle, Sand Cat destroys it, causing Serval to cry. Sand Cat's only reaction to Serval crying is indifferently asking why she is so noisy. This prompts Serval to call Sand Cat an idiot.

Before the two can continue their quarrel, a Cerulean appears, and the duo fight and defeat it. Afterwards, Serval asks Sand Cat why she is acting like this to her, prompting her to ask why she is crying. Sand Cat is confused, as Serval seems to be crying about a "thing" made of sand that was wasting water falling over. Seeing how little Sand Cat cared about her sand castle, Serval begins to cry even harder. Mirai goes to console her, telling her that she thinks that Sand Cat does not have bad intentions. However, seeing that Serval has not stopped crying, Sand Cat tells her to shut up.

This upsets Serval greatly, causing her to ask if Sand Cat really hates her so much as to say something like that. Sand Cat disagrees, but has to stop and point out another approaching Cerulean, which the two fight. Serval compliments Sand Cat for being able to notice the Cerulean in the desert. Sand Cat refutes that this was anything special, stating it is normal and that Serval was simply slacking off for not noticing it. Sand Cat then covers Serval in sand, causing Serval to note that her body feels lighter. Mirai steps in, commenting that for Sand Cat, digging in the sand and getting it everywhere is the same as playing. Sand Cat responds confusedly, asking if there is any other way to play with sand. Serval finally understands Sand Cat's actions, and begins to play with Sand Cat in the sand the way she does, ending up covered in sand.


Character English Japanese
Deserts look like a big sandbox! Hey, hey, how about if everyone played in the sand? 砂漠ってなんだか大きな砂場みたいだよね!ねえねえ、皆で砂遊びしない?
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Alright. I like playing in the sand, too. After all, I’m a Sand Cat. いいですよ。私も砂遊びは大好きです。なんてったって、スナネコですからね。
Alright! Now then, let’s make a sand castle! Guide-san, [protagonist], let’s do it together! よーし!じゃあ、砂のお城を作ろうよ!ガイドさんと「主人公」もほら、一緒に!
Fufu. It’s been a long time, but let me channel my inner child... In the past, I was called Sand Player Mirai. ふふ。ひさしぶりに童心に返りましょうか。私、昔は砂遊びのミライと呼ばれたんですよ。
First, I think we have to build the sand castle's foundation? After that, the tower, then the gate, and then the moat, in that order! [Protagonist]! Let's make this side bigger! Wah! It looks really good now! Huh? That reminds me, where's Sand Cat? Did she go to collect sand? まずは、お城の土台を作るでしょ? そして、順番に、塔とか、門とか、お堀とか作って!「主人公」!こっちをもっと大きくしよう!わー!だいぶ立派になってきたね!あれ? そういえばスナネコは? 砂を集めに行ってくれたのかなあ?
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
*throwing sand*!! ズバババババババババッ!!
Kyaaaaaaaa!? きゃあああああああああっ!?
Oh my, Sand Cat threw that sand with all her strength, so the castle fell apart... ... あらら、スナネコさんが思いっきり砂をかけてきて、お城がぐちゃぐちゃになってしまいましたね... ...
Waa! So cruel! Sand Cat, why did you do that!? I just wanted to get along with you by playing with the sand! わーん!ひどいよー!スナネコ、どうしてこんなことするの!? 仲良く砂遊びしたかっただけなのに!
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Eh? What’s wrong? Serval-san, you’re being so noisy right now. え? どうしたんです? サーバルさん、そんなに大騒ぎして。
Noisy?!… … It’s because... it’s because! Sand Cat, you idiot! 大騒ぎって... ...。だって、だってえ!スナネコのバカー!
*throwing sand*!! ズバババババババババッ!!
Boff!? Y-you’re throwing sand again!? But... Sand Cat is right here... ... バフッ!? ま、また砂をかけられた!? でも、スナネコはここに... ...
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
That wasn't me, it was a Cellien! Serval-san, [protagonist]-san! Don’t be idle, fight! 今のは私じゃなくてセルリアンです!サーバルさん、「主人公」さん!ぼさっとしてないで、戦いますよ!
Hey, Sand Cat, what do you have against playing in the sand!? You destroyed the sand castle everyone built! ねえ、スナネコは砂遊びをなんだと思ってるの!? せっかく皆で作ったお城を壊すなんて!
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
What’s wrong? Why are you tearing up, Serval-san? First of all, that lump of sand doesn't look like a castle. You're crying on something like that, and you're wasting precious water in the desert. どうしたんです? なんで涙目になってるんですか、サーバルさん? だいたい、あんな砂のかたまり、お城に見えないです。こんなことくらいで泣くなんて、砂漠で貴重な水分の無駄遣いです。
Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Guide-san! [Protagonist]! Sand Cat's bullying me! うわあああああああああああああああああああああああん!!ガイドさーん!「主人公」!スナネコがイジワル言うよー!
Well, well, Serval-san. Sand Cat doesn't have any intention to be mean… … maybe. まあまあ、サーバルさん。スナネコさんも悪気はないんですよ... ... 多分。
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
 !? Ssh! You’re being noisy, so be quiet! !? しっ!うるさいので静かにしてください!
N-noisy!? Sand Cat, do you hate me!? う、うるさいって!? スナネコ、そんなに私が嫌いなの!?
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
What are you talking about? Look, something coming this way made a sound! Look at that instead! 何言ってるんです。ほら、何かが近づいてくる音がしますよ!あれを見てください!
Huh? T-that- Celliens, again!? へ? あ、あれって、また、セルリアン!?
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
They're coming! Serval-san, [protagonist]-san, be cautious! 来ますよ!注意してください!サーバルさん、「主人公」さん!
Even in a large desert like this, you noticed that Cellien coming closer. Sand Cat, you’re amazing! こんなに広い砂漠で、セルリアンが近づいてくるのに気づくなんて、スナネコはすごいなあ!
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Serval-san is too absent minded. This is normal if you spend your time in the desert like this. サーバルさんはぼんやりしすぎです。このくらい、砂漠でずっと暮らしていたら普通です。
Uh, you're saying something mean again... ... うっ、また、そんなこと... ...
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Look, I'll throw sand on you. My sand has the ability to help you recover. *Throwing sand*!! ほら、砂をかけてあげます。私の砂は回復効果がありますから。ズバババババババババッ!!
Wah, it feels good! It feels like my body's become lighter! わー、気持ちいい!身体が軽くなったみたい!
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Isn't that right? Like I expected, playing with sand is the best. そうでしょう。やっぱり、砂遊び最高ですよね。
Hm? Could it be that... ... For Sand Cat, is throwing sand around what it means to be playing with the sand? ん? もしかして... ....。砂を派手にかけることが、スナネコさんにとっての、砂遊びだったのでしょうか?
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Yes, isn't that natural? Is there any other way to play with the sand? はい、当たり前じゃないですか。砂遊びって他に何をするんですか?
I see, so you’re not bullying me, after all! The sand here is smooth... it feels good! Let's play in the sand, Sand Cat style! [Protagonist], let's attack together! *Throwing sand*!! なーんだ、そっかあ。イジワルしてたわけじゃなかったんだね!ここの砂ってサラサラしてて気持ちいいね!スナネコ流の砂遊びしようか!ほら、「主人公」も一緒に攻撃だー!ズバババババババババッ!!
Sand CatNexonIcon.png
Sand Cat
Uwah, you did it! Then, I will counter-attack! *Throwing sand*!! うわっ、やりましたね!じゃあこっちも反撃です!ズバババババババババッ!!
Kya!? Ahahahahahahahahaha! Now everyone's covered in sand! Playing in the sand like this is refreshing and fun! きゃーっ!? あははははははははは!これで、皆、砂まみれだね!こういう砂遊びも、新鮮で楽しいね!
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