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Saber-toothed Cat
SmilodonStage Play.jpg
Friend Data
Appears In Stage Play "Kemono Friends"
Actress Ran Sakai (Stage Play "Kemono Friends"), Mao Noguchi (Revival)
Saber-Toothed Tiger Festival KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Saber-toothed Cat is a Friend that appears in Stage Play "Kemono Friends".


Saber-toothed Cat is a Friends loyal to her profession.

Role in the Plot

Saber-toothed Cat was one of the Cellien hunters who had detected an anomaly in the Sandstar volcano and came to inform Woolly Mammoth and her friends. Later, when celliens showed up, she took the lead in the fight, but she could not handle it alone and had to enlist the help of Woolly Mammoth and Blue Whale. On the day of the Japari Park Memorial Festival, she served as a judge for the Idol Showdown.


White Tiger

In Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~, there is a reference from White Tiger to her Cellien Hunter colleague, Saber-toothed Cat.

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