S2E08: New Song in Concert

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Episode 8 - New Song in Concert


Episode Data
Air Date March 4th, 2019
Introductions Raccoon Dog, Margay
Previous S2E07: Beyond Speed
Next S2E09: Welcome Home

New Song in Concert is the eighth episode of the second season of Kemono Friends. In this episode, we catch up with PPP and Margay in the leadup to a performance of the idol group's new song.


Double Sphere are having hard time looking for human for their client, Arma-chan humming PPP's latest song before Sen-chan scolds her then they found vehicle track on ground and decided to follow the track which leads to live stage. Kyururu looking at his PPP drawing and they are trying to look for Margay. Kyururu's group apporoaching Margay, Margay seems to remember Serval but decided not to talk about it. Serval showed Kyururu's drawing to Margay and ask her whether she know the girls drawn on that drawing, Margay tell them that they are the super famous idol group known as PPP and she is their manager. Margay tell them that PPP are busy preparing perform their new song for concert then Margay has an idea to invite Kyururu's group to take part in audition.

Margay announces to the audiences before PPP concert they are going to have a play as an opening act and they are holding an audition to choose the actor for that play. Tanuki is the first participant and she is playing dead, Atlantic Puffin is the second participant and she show her talents by carrying Japari Bun in her mouth while flying, Toki is the third participant and she destroy everyone's ear except Hululu with her terrible singing. Kyururu's group is about to show their talents however Margay take a break for a while and go to the backstage because she couldn't find anyone who is good enough and PPP become worry about that. Kyururu's group go to the backstage and telling Margay about the reason why they came, Margay surprised that they all know both Konoha and Mimi and tell them that she is always very grateful to them for their help thinking about an idea in order to make the audiences not bored. Margay show to Kyururu's group that they are going to play "Penguin Warriors" which fitting for PPP's image.

Kyururu tell Margay that they are looking for his house, Margay was surprised that Kyururu is a human and tell him to ask PPP fans because they might help him. PPP having hard time during their rehearsal, Margay come in and introduce Kyururu's group to them. Kyururu play as human, Serval play as Friends, while Caracal play as Cellien. Cellien (Caracal) dodges Legendary Penguins (PPP) attacks and fell down to the ground. PPP tell Margay that they shouldn't do this play because they afraid getting hurt and might causes them unable to have a concert. Margay tells Kyururu's group that before she become PPP's manager, she was their Number one fan and at that time they are looked like the Penguin Warriors as being told in legends. Kyururu cheers her up and together they are going to help her and PPP meanwhile Tanuki and Atlantic Puffin met Double Sphere and they asked them about the human they just talked. Kyururu, Serval, Caracal, and Margay impressed about having a lot of audiences however they noticed that somehow PPP haven't came out yet. Meanwhile inside PPP's room, Double Sphere get into a fight with PPP. Arma-chan VS Princess and Koutei try to stop her while Sen-chan VS Gean and Iwabi try to stop her meanwhile Hululu only watching from the sidelines.

The audience starting to complain because the concert didn't start yet and Margay decided to start Penguin Warriors play. Kyururu and Serval play their role as before but they finds that Caracal taking her act just too far however Caracal tell them that she haven't come to the stage yet which means the one on the stage is the real Cellien. Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal distract the Cellien while PPP entering the livestage. Serval and Caracal defeat the Cellien with combination attack then PPP performs their new song to the audiences. The audiences love their performance, PPP want to give their thanks to Margay as well to Kyururu's group however Serval and Caracal asking them whether they see Kyururu because they got seperated during concert. Kyururu is put inside jail cage by Double Sphere and they are trying to bring him to their client.

Credits Sketch

At Alpaca Cafe, Grey Wolf tell to Reticulated Giraffe that they have an incident by showing her blank manuscript, she suspects someone must already steal the completed manuscript. Alpaca Suri is trying to tell her that the script already blank since she came to the cafe, Grey Wolf tell her to quiet. Reticulated Giraffe ask Grey Wolf to go outside and play frisbee, Alpaca Suri noticed that both of them are looked very happy.

Major Events

Animal Talk Segments

The two animal talk segments in this episode are voiced by Aya Uchida (Mirai).

Raccoon Dog's animal talk
Margay's animal talk


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