S2E04: Different Kinds of Houses

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Episode 4 - Different Kinds of Houses


Episode Data
Japanese Title:  ?
Broadcast Date:  ?
Previous Episode: S2E03: Creatures of the Sea
Next Episode: S2E05: The Power of Humans

Different Kinds of Houses is the fourth episode of the second season of the Kemono Friends anime series. The episode features South Maerica Park, an area similar to the Savannah but based off of South America instead of Africa.


The next picture in Kyururu's notebook shows strange black mounds with glowing green spots, which Kyururu believes is a city. When Caracal wishes for more peril on their trip, she, unfortunately, gets what she asked for: the track fell out before them so they can't continue on the Japari Line. The pirate-themed Lucky Beast summoned a guide Lucky Beast nearby: a yellow Lucky Beast wearing a sombrero and poncho who greats them in Spanish. When Kyururu says he wants to go back to his house, Yellow Lucky's search indicates there's no location called "house" within the park, which frustrates Kyururu and Caracal. Yellow Lucky is able to recognize the location in Kyururu's drawing and offers to take the trio there. The trio say their goodbyes to the pirate-themed Lucky Beast and make their way down from the Japari Line.

Serval and Caracal note the similarities of South Maerica Park to the Savannah. Kyururu doesn't have any specific memories of the place. Yellow Lucky leads the trio to the termite mounds, but they aren't a city and don't resemble the drawing. Yellow Lucky admits that only having a scan makes their results less precise, which disappoints Kyururu and Caracal. Unexpectedly, Aardwolf appears. Serval and Caracal are surprised to find Aardwolf in South Maerica Park. Aardwolf explains she wanted to find a home in the area due to the similarities to the Savannah and a Friend that could help him find a good place. Camo Flicker introduces herself and offers to help Aardwolf and Kyururu find "the perfect nest". Caracal convinces Kyururu to accept as they'll explore many places in the area and possibly find Kyururu's home.

Camo Flicker takes the group out to various home locations in the area, all of them which aren't suited for Aardwolf or Kyururu. In one of these places, they have a spooky encounter with Common Vampire Bat. They escape when Common Vampire Bat asks them to join her for dinner.

Arma and Sen-chan are looking for Kyururu in the area. Sen-chan recognizes the scent of a human, while Arma is concerned about rain clouds intensifying in the are, leading to the two hastening their search. Aardwolf and Kyururu are discouraged they weren't able to find what they were looking for but try to assure Camo Flicker that it wasn't her fault. When it starts raining, the group takes shelter in a cave that she finds. When they can't decide on games to pass the time, including a failed attempt at hide-and-seek by Serval, Kyururu makes a puzzle out of his drawing. The Friends find the game odd but impressive and have fun in putting it together. When the rain clears, Camo Flicker recognizes the place in the drawing.

Camo Flicker takes the rest of the group back to the termite mounds at night, revealing the sight shown in Kyururu's picture. Lucky Beast explains the green lights are generated by fire beetles, another kind of insect that lives in termite mounds. Kyururu apologizes to Lucky Beast for misjudging his original conclusion. Aardwolf decides to live in the cave the group took shelter in.

Arma and Sen-chan find Kyururu and demand that she come with them on behalf of their client, which Caracal takes issue with. When Caracal challenges them to fight and makes a scary face, Arma and Sen-chan immediately cave. The group walks away from the cowering armadillo and pangolin, who remain rolled up until morning.

Serval, Caracal, Kyururu, and Camo Flicker make it to the Jungle Park. Camo Flicker mentions they saw a human nearby before, just once, and that if they found another human, they might find out more about Kyururu lived. Kyururu gives Camo Flicker the drawing puzzle as a present. Lucky Guide leaves with Camo Flicker, but not before introducing them to the Lucky Beast that will guide them through the Jungle Area: a grey Lucky Beast with a serious personality, equipped with holsters holding knives. The trio and the new Lucky Beast head off to find the human.

Major Events

  • Kyururu, Serval and Caracal make an unexpected stop at South Maerica Park after they come across a gap in the Japari Line.
  • Arma and Sen-chan try and fail to bring Kyururu to their client
  • The trio start their journey in the Jungle Area with the grey Lucky Beast to find a human.


Major Characters

  • None

Minor Characters

  • Yellow Lucky Beast (South Marica Park)
  • Grey Lucky Beast (Jungle Area)
  • Aardwolf
  • Camo Flicker
  • Yellow-Rumped Cacique (mentioned)
  • Great Dusky Swift (mentioned)
  • Common Vampire Bat
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