S2E03: Creatures of the Sea

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Episode 3 - Creatures of the Sea


Episode Data
Japanese Title: うみのけもの
Broadcast Date: January 28th, 2019
Animal Introductions: Common Bottlenose Dolphin, California Sea Lion
Previous Episode: S2E02: Panda and Panda
Next Episode: S2E04: Different Kinds of Houses

Creatures of the Sea (Japanese: うみのけもの) is the third episode of the second season of the Kemono Friends anime series. The episode features Marine Life Park, an oceanic area.


Marine Life Park with the stage missing.

Kyururu, Serval and Caracal arrive at Marine Life Park. Caracal and Serval are surprised by the sea when Kyururu, who remembers it, tells them it's the ocean and not just a big waterhole.

The cats play around on the shoreline, commenting on the taste of saltwater. While looking out on the water at the building, Kyururu says that part of the place in the drawing should be around there somewhere, but it seems to be missing. Serval and Caracal drag him along into finding someone who could show them the way.

Out on the pier of the building Kyururu saw earlier in the episode, Common Bottlenose Dolphin and California Sea Lion play ball, with Dolphin jumping high in the air to peck the ball, getting a Japari Bun as a reward. When Sea Lion does an impressive trick of balancing the ball on her head, Dolphin gives her the Japari Bun she just got as a reward. Sea Lion expresses concerns that even though they're playing, it feels like something was missing. The group arrives, with everyone introducing themselves. The marine Friends keep waving, expecting a reward from the group. Kyururu gives them both Japari coronets, which excites the duo.

The trio explains that Kyururu is looking for his house, showing them his drawing of a building in the area, a performance stage. The marine Friends recognize it, saying they play there all the time. They offer to help them get there in a whale-themed boat that they push by swimming. While Serval is excited, Caracal is hesitant to travel by boat. Kyururu and Serval notice that the boat is actually a glass-bottomed boat that lets them see the ocean floor. Caracal is clearly afraid of the ocean when Serval asks her to come look at the seafloor.

The boat arrives at its destination, but the location in Kyururu's picture is submerged underwater. The marine Friends say that they can take Kyururu, but he's worried he can't go that deep underwater due to being a human. California Sea Lion asks if he's an animal that can't swim, and Bottlenose Dolphin points out that humans can swim, but conveniently, Serval finds a diver's helmet. Kyururu joins Dolphin and Sea Lion underwater, where Bottlenose Dolphin shows off her telepathic ability to talk underwater while they admire the ocean floor scenery.

The underwater stage Kyururu is looking for.

When Kyururu arrives at the stage, he remembers excited voices echoing throughout the audience seats. Bottlenose Dolphin says that Sea Lion thinks they should go back, as the ocean hasn't been in very good spirits lately. When he gets back to the boat, he explains to the cats that he still hasn't gotten any leads on his house. Caracal expresses a strong desire to get back to land. When the marine Friends make their way back on the boat, they ask for a reward, explaining that they'll get them back on land at top speed if they do. Kyururu doesn't have any more coronets, so the marine Friends are unwilling to take them back, doing ball tricks on the boat instead. Sea Lion and Dolphin express boredom at playing the same game everyday. Inspired by remembering the excited audience, he takes various objects on the boat to make toys for the marine Friends.

Sea Lion isn't impressed since it wasn't a reward, but Dolphin was so excited that she jumped into the water. Kyururu uses a fishing rod and ball to cast it out to Dolphin who soars into the air to catch it. Kyururu plays with Sea Lion by having her catch life preservers like a game of ring toss. Serval joins in with the rod Kyururu and Dolphin were playing with, but falls into the water. Dolphin helps Serval jump back into the boat.

When the trio applauds Dolphin for rescuing Serval, Dolphin asks Sea Lion what the trio is doing and she explains it's called applause. They get a nostalgic feeling from it, which they think is the "something missing" they were wondering about. The trio mention how amazing the marine Friends were as they played. The marine Friends take the trio back to land as thanks for getting something "better than a reward".

Before leaving, Kyururu gives Dolphin and Sea Lion another one of his drawings: the two Friends performing in a stunt show on the stage that got submerged underwater surrounded by human guests. Kyururu thanks them for helping him get underwater, with them offering assistance if needed again. They start waving goodbye, explaining that they can't stop until the trio leaves. Still pleased with the new toys they got, they decide to play again soon and invite Orca, provided that the ocean conditions are still favorable.

Back on the Japari Line, Caracal wishes the trio could have stayed longer and that she could have grown to like "that giant waterhole", even if she wasn't comfortable. Serval points out that she was terrified the whole time, which Caracal denies.

Meanwhile, Giant Armadillo and Giant Pangolin report to a mysterious silhouetted figure having tea. They say that they'll bring the trio there at any cost and apologize for the wait. The figure says that it's okay, as they're used to waiting.

Credits Sketch

Suri Alpaca enlists the help of North American Beaver and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog to fix a wobbly table in her café. North American Beaver wants to set up a work area before they start, but Black-Tailed Prairie Dog tells her that they don't have enough space in the café to do that while she looks around the room. Suri Alpaca tells the two they only need to fix the table, but it's too late. North American Beaver says she doesn't want to cut corners, and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog suggests they rebuild the entire café as she pulls out a wood log and North American Beaver pulls out a small-scale replica of the café, running around the room to Suri Alpaca's dismay as she tells them to stop. Then, the three announce the title of the next episode.

Major Events

  • Kyururu, Serval and Caracal arrive at Marine Life Park in their quest to find Kyururu's home.
  • The trio team up with the marine Friends to find and explore the location in Kyururu's drawing: a performance stage that became submerged underwater.
  • Kyururu builds new toys for Dolphin and Sea Lion and helps them find "something missing": the applause and admiration they received when they used to perform on a stage show before humans were driven away from the park.
  • Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal depart for another destination.
  • Giant Armadillo and Giant Pangolin report to a mysterious figure, who wants to meet the trio.

Animal Talk Segments

The two animal talk segments in this episode are voiced by Aya Uchida (Mirai) and Naoki Tatsuta (Higejii), who takes over Common Bottlenose Dolphin's segment halfway through.

California Sea Lion's animal talk
Common Bottlenose Dolphin's animal talk.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The sunken stage in this episode that Kyururu, Common Bottlenose Dolphin, and California Sea Lion visit can be seen in Kemono Friends 3, during Common Bottlenose Dolphin's Miracle. However, as Kemono Friends 3 is set prior to Kemono Friends 2 and the time-skip, the stage isn't underwater.
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