S2E02: Panda and Panda

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Episode 2 - Panda and Panda


Episode Data
Japanese Title: ぱんだとぱんだ
Broadcast Date: January 21st, 2019
Animal Introductions: Giant Panda, Red Panda
Previous Episode: S2E01: Beyond Memories
Next Episode: S2E03: Creatures of the Sea

Panda and Panda (Japanese: ぱんだとぱんだ) is the second episode of the second season of the Kemono Friends anime series. The episode features Azua Park, an area with bamboo forests and high mountains.


Azua Park's bamboo forests, high peaks, and Kyururu's drawing of them.

As the group rides into Azua Park on the Japari Line monorail, they discuss Kyururu's love for drawing. Caracal states that he's not good at things like jumping or running but admires his skills and believes that he might truly be a human because of it. Serval grabs their attention to show them that Kyururu's drawing looks just like the bamboo forests they can see outside.

While Serval admires the bamboo, Caracal asks Kyururu if they've found the place from his drawing. He shows her a playground drawing and says it's similar but not the same. Suddenly, Serval hears a new sound, worrying Caracal who thinks it could be a Cellien.

The trio stumble upon a sleeping Giant Panda. She rolls over to face them, startling Caracal, while Kyururu wonders why she's sleeping in a place like this. As she wakes up, still sleepy, Giant Panda asks the three who they are. They share introductions, and Caracal asks why she was sleeping there. Giant Panda laughs and tells them it's her special skill to be able to sleep anywhere. Kyururu then asks her if she recognizes the playground from his drawing, then asking her if she could bring him there when she says yes. As she tries to provide directions, she falls asleep once again.

Red Panda leaps out from some nearby bushes, surprised that Giant Panda once again fell asleep on the rock. She introduces herself to the group, but after Serval notices the differences between the two pandas, she begins to feel inferior to Giant Panda. The three try to reassure her, but she continues on about not being cute or having Giant Panda's sleeping skill. She begins to cry, saying she wishes she could be helpful to the group despite being boring. When Kyururu wants to ask her something, her crying and sadness is revealed to all be an act as she eagerly asks him what his question is. He explains what a home is to Red Panda and shows her the playground drawing, mentioning that Giant Panda knew where it was but fell asleep. She seems to recognize the playground, but Caracal interrupts and suggests waking Giant Panda up because it would be faster. Red Panda stops her and explains how dangerous Giant Panda is when she's woken up from her sleep. She then tells the three that she thinks she knows where the playground is.

Red Panda is fascinated when Kyururu tells her about the special feeling of having a place to call home and relax, while Caracal asks impatiently if they're at the playground yet.

Giant Panda rolls off of the rock she was sleeping on, waking up and becoming confused that everyone disappeared and seeming to feel lost. She almost falls asleep again before she remembers that she was trying to give the group directions to the playground. She sets off to find Kyururu so she can help him find it.

Red Panda brings the group to a cliff with a view of the surrounding area. Serval is amazed, but Caracal and Kyururu point out that it's nothing like his drawing. She apologizes for bringing them to the wrong place and tries to tell them which way the playground actually is, with Caracal and Kyururu being unsure while Serval is excited to go.

Serval points out that they ended up right by the rock Giant Panda was sleeping on, and Caracal questions her if she even knows where the playground is. Red Panda apologizes, saying she just wanted to help and thought they might end up there by chance if they kept walking. She begins to cry after Caracal tells her that she wasted the group's time, but Kyururu thanks her for her willingness to help which makes her cry tears of joy instead. Meanwhile, Serval finds an old mechanical part nearby, prompting Red Panda to mention all the other parts nearby. Kyururu pulls out his drawing and realizes they might be parts to the playground set.

The group put together the slide and Serval shows them how to use it after Kyururu explains what it's for. Red Panda is impressed by the slide when Kyururu asks her if she's good at climbing trees. She assists in putting together the swing set by climbing up top to help tie the ropes for the seats down. Kyururu pushes Serval on the swing, and she has a ton of fun before jumping off and telling Caracal to try it. When Caracal jumps off the swing, she trips into a pool of mud and gets dirty, prompting Serval to say it's fun, but she disagrees. Next, Red Panda tries out the slide and swing.

The group takes a break on the bench they put together, and Red Panda apologizes again for not being helpful. Kyururu tells her that's not true and shows her the drawing, thanking her for her help in recreating the place in it. She becomes overjoyed and remembers that they should tell Giant Panda about how fun the playground is. Giant Panda suddenly wanders up to the group, stating she'd been looking everywhere for them while Red Panda is glad to see she's awake and shows Giant Panda the playground. She's excited and wants to play, so she uses the tire swing but ends up falling asleep in it. The rope on the swing begins to come loose and Red Panda tries to stop it, but she's too late. Giant Panda wakes up, unharmed, but Red Panda falls off and hurts herself with a sigh of relief.

Red Panda and Giant Panda hug.

Giant Panda thanks Red Panda for trying to protect her and for playing with her. The two have an emotional hug, even moving Caracal to feel like she's going to cry. When a sudden swarm of Celliens knock some of the playground equipment to the ground, Giant Panda flies into a fury because she doesn't want them to ruin her chance to play with everyone else. She defeats all the Celliens singlehandedly but is so exhausted that she falls asleep on the spot.

At the Japari Line monorail station, Red Panda and Giant Panda say their goodbyes to Kyururu, Caracal, and Serval, wishing them to be safe. Red Panda thanks Kyururu for the playground drawing that he added her and Giant Panda to. Kyururu thinks he remembers a little bit more thanks to visiting the playground. Giant Panda mentions hearing some Friends who were searching for a human but is unsure if it was Kyururu they were looking for and says she thinks that they'll meet those Friends soon.

On their way to Marine Life Park, Kyururu shows his drawing of a waterfront area with a stage to Caracal.

Back in the Savanna, Giant Armadillo begs Giant Pangolin for them to leave, but Giant Pangolin insists that they have to let Eastern Spot-Billed Duck guide them. The two try to ask her for directions instead, but Eastern Spot-Billed Duck tells them to start following her and sets off. The two sigh and follow her.

Credits Sketch

In Suri Alpaca's cafe, Asian Small-Clawed Otter is amused by a cup of water, leading Suri Alpaca to ask her what's so funny about the cup. She explains that she's imagining how fun it would be if she could swim in it. Suri Alpaca suggests that she should go swim in the ocean instead, noting how she heard it was salty while she slips a spoonful of salt into the water. Suddenly, Jaguar appears, thirsty, and decides to drink from the cup, shocking Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Suri Alpaca before she herself is surprised by the taste of the salt in the water. Then, the three announce the title of the next episode.

Major Events

  • Kyururu, Serval and Caracal arrive at Azua Park in their quest to find Kyururu's home.
  • Giant Panda and Red Panda try, in their own ways, to help Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal find a playground in the bamboo forest depicted in one of Kyururu's drawings
  • Celliens attack the playground. Giant Panda gets angry as a result and wipes them all out before getting tired and falling asleep.
  • Before leaving, Kyururu remembers playing at the playground in the past. Giant Panda and Red Panda mention there were some friends looking for a different human and there was a chance they'd meet soon.
  • Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal depart for Marine Life Park.
  • Giant Armadillo and Giant Pangolin continue their journey with guidance from Eastern Spot-Billed Duck.

Animal Talk Segments

The two animal talk segments in this episode are voiced by guest voice actress Chika Sakamoto, who voices Giant Panda's segment, and Aya Uchida (Mirai) who voices Red Panda's segment.

Giant Panda's animal talk
Red Panda's animal talk


Minor Characters

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