S2E01: Beyond Memories

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Episode 1 - Beyond Memories


記憶のかなた (Kioku no Kanata)
Episode Data
Air Date January 14th, 2019
Introductions Serval, Caracal, Donkey, Eastern Spot-Billed Duck, Giant Pangolin, Giant Armadillo
Previous None
Next S2E02: Panda and Panda

Beyond Memories (Japanese: 記憶のかなた) is the first episode of the second season of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces the new lead human Kyururu and reintroduces the main companion Friends Serval and Caracal.


The pod Kyururu woke up in.

In a contrast to the beginning of Season 1 with its sweeping views of the Savanna, Season 2 begins inside of a desolate abandoned building with its roof collapsing. An unknown human stumbles out of a pod into a room filled with broken machines and similar pods from the past. He makes his way towards a door enshrined in light and steps outside. He picks up and dusts off a sign that welcomes him to Japari Park and takes in his unfamiliar surroundings.

After the opening theme plays, long-shots of the Savanna and some abandoned structures are shown. Caracal, hiding in a bush, asks Donkey where she last saw the Cellien Caracal is hunting. Donkey introduces herself as a tough Friend with a good memory. Caracal is surprised to hear that a Cellien had shown up in the area and gets ready to look for it, prompting Donkey to tell her to be careful. Caracal asserts that she's vigilant unlike Serval, and tells Donkey to let her know about the Cellien before she goes into the forest. As she wanders, she comes across the human from before and startles him by sneaking up on him. She asks him what kind of Friend he is, but he doesn't answer her, and she warns him to leave the forest as the Cellien sneaks up behind her. She tells him about the danger of Celliens as they make their getaway, only to be cornered by a second one. Suddenly, Serval appears and defeats the Celliens to save Caracal and the boy.

Caracal scolds Serval for being late to help fight the Celliens, to which she apologizes for being asleep. Serval introduces herself and Caracal to the boy, but he doesn't know his own name. When his stomach rumbles, Serval gives him the name Kyururu because it sounds like the noise his stomach made. He tries to explain that his name isn't Kyururu, just that he's hungry.

The trio pay a visit to Donkey's bread store. Serval shares the food she got from Donkey with Kyururu, but she calls him an animal, to which he disagrees. Caracal then remembers the time Serval told her about her travels with Kaban, wondering if he might be a human like her, though Serval doesn't remember much about those times. Kaban's silhouette is briefly shown while they discuss the topic.

After Caracal asks where he came from, he brings them back to the abandoned research lab. She asks him if the pod he woke up in his den, but a drawing from his sketchbook is shown of the home he says he lives in. He gets homesick, causing Serval to decide she wants to help him find his real home. Serval pulls his sketchbook out of the pod and gives it to him. He finds one of his drawings of a place by a lake he recognizes. Serval and Caracal set off to the place depicted in his drawing, but before he follows he grabs his bag and colored pencils that were left in the pod.

When they reach the lake with the same stone statue in it, Kyururu becomes unsure about if it's his home or not. Caracal asks him what's on the next page of his sketchbook, but neither her or Serval recognize it, so they set off to search for it. Caracal questions how Serval could be so confident about finding something she doesn't know anything about.

Eastern Spot-Billed Duck's introduction as she agrees to guide the group to the place in Kyururu's drawing.

A new Friend, Eastern Spot-Billed Duck appears. She instructs the trio that they need to be careful and orderly when they move in a group together. She recognizes the place in Kyururu's drawing when Serval shows it to her and eagerly volunteers to lead them there, despite Caracal's request for directions.

Suddenly, Eastern Spot-Billed Duck stops the group to warn them of the fracture in the ground, as small as it is, she's very concerned about anyone falling in and getting hurt. She gets a running start and shows the group how to jump over the gap, followed by Serval. Caracal, wanting to show off and jump further than Serval, jumps past Eastern Spot-Billed Duck, upsetting her for breaking her rules about following her. Kyururu is nervous about the gap, but manages to cross with the encouragement of Serval and Caracal.

Kyururu thanks Serval and Caracal for their help, and they compliment his jump. Eastern Spot-Billed Duck scolds everyone for not following in a single-file line.

In the abandoned building Kyururu woke up in, Giant Pangolin inspects his pod, noting that he was there and wondering what it is. She tells Giant Armadillo to stop playing with the machinery because they're supposed to be conducting an investigation. She's worried about her target getting further away. Suddenly, a booming roar is heard and the two assume their defensive ball positions. They quickly leave, not wanting to be found by the source of the roar.

Kyururu and company arrive at a Japari Line monorail station, with the place in his drawing nearby. When Eastern Spot-Billed Duck points it out, Kyururu notices that it's changed a lot since he drew it. Kyururu adds the group into his drawing and gifts it to Eastern Spot-Billed Duck to remember them by. She gets very emotional and glad she was able to guide them all safely. Kyururu seems to remember the monorail train, saying that he rode here on it.

Suddenly, Serval's ears perk up when she senses a Cellien incoming. The group retreats into the station, but when Kyururu falls, Eastern-Spot Billed duck pretends to fall too to distract the Cellien and allow Kyururu to get to safety. Serval explains that it's her special skill, and she makes her own getaway after having distracted the Cellien. On the upper level, Serval is confused at how to open the door to the train, but Kyururu manages to open it and the three board. The Lucky Beast driver instructs them to stay clear of the doors, shocking Caracal that he can talk.

As the train departs from the station, the Cellien suddenly bursts through the track from below and begins to chase them. Just as it's about to attack the train, suddenly the silhouette of Siberian Tiger appears, defeating it to the surprise of the group. Eastern Spot-Billed Duck catches up to them, glad they're safe and tells them to take care.

The episode ends with Kyururu finding a missing page torn out of his sketchbook and wondering what it was. The Lucky Beast calls out their destination of Azua Park and Serval hopes that Kyururu can find his home there.

Credits Sketch

The members of PPP pay a visit to Suri Alpaca's café and order coffee jelly. Gean wonders what coffee jelly is, Emperor notices that it's part-black, part-white, Princess and Iwabi say that the white and black parts look delicious, respectively, and Hululu proudly mixes the two parts of the coffee jelly together, to the other penguins' dismay. She says it tastes good, and Suri Alpaca remarks that mixing the coffee jelly together makes it better just like the members of PPP are better together. The other penguins get rowdy and ask for some of the coffee jelly, causing Suri Alpaca to tell everyone to be nice. Afterwards, everyone says the title of the next episode.

Major Events

  • A human gains consciousness in a mysterious abandoned building in the park.
  • Serval and Caracal meet the human. The human is named Kyururu after the noises his stomach was making.
  • Serval's previous adventures with Kaban are brought up, but Serval doesn't seem to remember much about them.
  • The group meets a new Friend, Eastern Spot-Billed Duck.
  • Giant Pangolin and Giant Armadillo begin their search for Kyururu in the abandoned building.
  • Roars and a glimpse of Siberian Tiger can be seen.
  • Kyururu, Serval and Caracal find a functioning Japari Line monorail and head towards Azua Park.

Animal Talk Segments

The two animal talk segments in this episode are voiced by Aya Uchida (Mirai) .

Serval's Animal Talk
Caracal's Animal Talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The cubes filling the pod Kyururu awoke in are described in the Guidebooks as being like "styrofoam" and "weightless," so they're not painful to sleep on.
  • The Japari Line monorail is made from the same parts as the Japari Buses are, and there are kinds based on other animals besides servals.
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