S2E01: Beyond Memories

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Episode 1 - Beyond Memories


Episode Data
Japanese Title: 記憶のかなた (Kioku no Kanata)
Broadcast Date: January 14th, 2019
Animal Introductions: Serval, Caracal
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: S2E02: Panda and Panda

Beyond Memories is the first episode of the second season the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces the new lead human Kyururu and reintroduces the main companion Friends Serval and Caracal.



Major Events

  • A human Friend gains consciousness in a mysterious abandoned building in the park.
  • Serval and Caracal meet the human friend. The human is named Kyururu after the noises he was making.
  • Serval's previous adventures with Kaban are brought up, but Serval mysteriously doesn't remember much about them.
  • Kyururu, Serval and Caracal find a functioning vehicle and head towards Azua Park.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

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