S1E12.1: Bus-Like

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Episode 12.1 - Bus-Like

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: ばすてき (Basu-teki)
Broadcast Date: April 4th, 2017
Previous Episode: Episode 12 - Amusement Park
Next Episode: Episode 12.4 - Japari Bun Hunt

Bus-Like (Japanese: ばすてき Hepburn: Basu-teki) is a short episode released after the end of the Kemono Friends anime. It takes place during the month after the battle against the Black Cerulean, but prior to Kaban and Serval leaving the Kyōshū Region.


In order to find Kaban a means of transportation across water, Arai and Fennec search for a Japari Bus to transform into a boat. The pair finds a broken one, and consult the librarians, Hakase and Mimi, with concerns on if the bus will work as intended or not. The librarians inform Arai and Fennec that the bus' wheels are bent, and will not serve their purpose. The librarians inform the two that there are numerous Japari Buses around the entire park, and that they must find one with unbent wheels.

Fennec and Arai pedalling the surrey bike

Upon noticing that searching for another bus will be a long travel, Fennec reminds Arai that this will only lead to even more walking. The librarians interrupt to inform the duo that there was "a bus-like object" located in the amusement park. The "bus-like" object ends up being a surrey bike, and the duo rides off into the park, triumphantly going at a walking speed.

Major Events

  • Fennec and Arai consult Hakase and Mimi about the Japari Bus.
  • The librarians inform Fennec and Arai that they must find a bus with unbent wheels.
  • Hakase and Mimi show Fennec and Arai the surrey bike to help them find another Japari Bus.
  • Fennec and Arai begin their adventure to find another Japari Bus.
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