S1E08: PPP Live

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Episode 8 - PPP Live

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: ぺぱぷらいぶ (PePaPu Raibu)
Broadcast Date: February 28, 2017
Animal Introductions: Emperor Penguin, Margay
Previous Episode: Episode 7 - Japari Library
Next Episode: Episode 9 - Snowy Mountains Area

PPP Live (Japanese: ぺぱぷらいぶ; Hepburn: PePaPu Raibu) is the eighth episode of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces the five members of the 3rd generation of Penguins Performance Project (Royal Penguin (Princess), Emperor Penguin (Emperor), Gentoo Penguin (Gean), Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Iwabee) and Humboldt Penguin (Hululu) as well as Margay.


Reaching the Waterfront Area, Lucky explains that the area is home to many aquatic animals and features many waterside plants and geographic features. When Kaban asks about whether the PPP Concert is held there, Serval immediately notices a crowd of Friends and replies "It must be!".

Both Kaban and Serval gaze in awe when they see the stage of the concert, which Kaban implies it's built by the Professor Northern White-Faced Owl and her assistant Eurasian Eagle-Owl. The trio of Kaban, Serval and Lucky soon end up in the large crowd of Friends gathering to watch the concert, and Serval notes that PPP is very popular among the Friends. Lucky soon notices another Lucky Beast, as does Kaban who exclaims about the existence of another Lucky. Serval immediately points out that there are many Lucky Beasts and takes two Japari Buns from the other Lucky Beast before noting that it is unusual to see more than one Lucky Beast in the same place. Mildly confused by such remark, Kaban asks Lucky about it, who clarifies that there is an exception due to the concert. Serval finds watching the concert in the crowd challenging, so she and Kaban turn to a tree for better viewing.

Meanwhile, Princess is preparing backstage and taking deep breathes to relax herself. The scene cuts back to Kaban and Serval, who have managed to climb the tree, and Serval notes that Kaban has become pretty good at climbing trees. While the duo are enjoying the view of the stage, Serval hears another Friend, who is introduced as Margay. Both Serval and Margay were shocked by each other's presence when they notice each other. Margay then begins to show just how strong her love to PPP is by revealing that she came to see the 3rd Generation PPP's debut, how she cannot miss it and how she is glad of being born in the right time to be able to witness this event. Serval wonders why she didn't get a closer spot, to which she replies that seeing all the audience enriches the experience. She then proceeds to get progressively more excited by the event while explaining that the 3rd Gen. PPP will be officially unveiled soon while their debut concert held a week afterwards will be announced. While commenting on how the tickets were sold out almost immediately, she notices the PPP platinum ticket Kaban and Serval obtained from the previous episode and becomes extremely shocked.

The crowd of audience begin shouting, marking the unveiling of 3rd Gen. PPP. Among all the audience, Margay is especially excited about it. Royal Penguin (Princess), Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Rocker), Gentoo Penguin (Gean), Humboldt Penguin (Hululu), Emperor Penguin (Emperor) introduces themselves one by one, although Gean misses the cue and Hululu mistakenly says her nickname first before telling which penguin she is. Nevertheless the unveiling is a huge success and the crowd applauded. As the penguins return to the backstage, however, Rocker starts freaking out while Gean, feeling sorry for her mistake, wished they can follow the rhythm better. Princess tries to comfort them by telling them to have fun and follow Emperor's lead but turns out Emperor has passed out from the nervousness. (to be continued)

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Major Events

Discovery of the Waterfront

Kaban and Serval Cat meet Margay

Kaban, Serval Cat and Margay sits on 3rd Generation PPP's rehearsal

3rd Generation PPP performs live in the PPP Comeback Concert

Margay becomes manager of PPP

Animal Talk Segments

Emperor Penguin's animal talk
Margay's animal talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The fox-themed mascot of anime streaming service Crunchyroll, Crunchyroll-Hime, appears as a cameo during the episode. Crunchyroll was a production partner on the 2017 Kemono Friends anime and airs the series outside of Japan on their site with subtitles.
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