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Episode 7 - Japari Library

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: じゃぱりとしょかん (Japari Toshokan)
Broadcast Date: February 21, 2017
Animal Introductions: Northern White-Faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Previous Episode: Episode 6 - Plains
Next Episode: Episode 8 - PPP Live

Japari Library (Japanese: じゃぱりとしょかん; Hepburn: Japari Toshokan) is the seventh episode of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces the professor Northern White-Faced Owl and her assistant Eurasian Eagle-Owl.


After the previous events, Shoebill finally shares the sound of her voice. From her experience, she suggest that Kaban is a human, a smart "animal" that has a deep knowledge and a wide variety of different tools they made. In order to find out where the humans lived, the others friends propose Kaban and Serval to visit The Library hidden in the forest and hope to get the information they need from the professors. Before leaving the friends they met, Serval assigns a moment with Shoebill and ask her the reason why she gave them her menacing stare. She don't mean to watch the other friends in this way, but she can't resist it especially when she has the chance to do it.

Kaban and Serval reach the forest, however mysterious signs suddenly block their way showing a hidden path with winding trees. Arrived at the end of the pathway, they discover a wide open "room" with a panel that welcome them with a cryptic message. Fortunately, Kaban recognize the letters which led them to a true or false type question that's bond with the two different paths they can take. They briefly choose to proceed to their right, by chance the answer is correct which led them to an second question. After they take their decision, they quickly realized that they come back in the same room of the first question. After countless retries, they finally make their way to the end and reach the library which is an old abandoned building with a growing oak breaking through the edifice all the up to the roof.

First encounter with the professor and her assistant of Japari Library, known as the wisest Friends of Japari park

Suddenly, Serval Cat "accidentally" gets hit on her neck by the professor and her assistant who were hovered in the sky, they present themselves as Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl. The owls organized this quiz to test the friends, Kaban and Serval are the first to accomplished it without leaving the place discouraged. The owls accept their request about Kaban's species, but only if they cook for them in exchange, the Japari buns disgusted them and for that reason the owls want to taste different dishes to full-fill their food addiction. Moreover, since they obtained their body, they can eat whatever they desire, but also because they need energy to use their knowledge and to remember it, claiming their wisdom along the way. Kaban and Serval accept their demand.

When they enter the Library, Kaban and Serval are immediately amazed by the giant oak, but their contemplation is cutted by the owls who show them the section about cooking. They offer them a limited time in this challenge, if the dish satisfy them, they will reveal Kaban's true species. First step, Kaban and Serval decide to list all the ingredient the owls borrowed from the fields where japari bun are grown to fit the recipe of a dish. The owls still insist their hate on unprepared food. Kaban read through the book and find the correponding dish to make, however because of her perfect reading ability, Eurasian Eagle-Owl suggests that Kaban must be a human. Talking too loudly, Serval slightly heard their conversation, she gets surprised for a brief moment but the owls try to ignore her questions and remind her the challenge. Kaban ask if the owls own a pot somewhere, they then decide to show them a special place maintained by the Lucky Beast with all the necessary instruments to help at the preparation.

While Kaban researches a heat source to boil the ingredients and the water in the the pot, Serval uses her claws to chop the ingredients needed. At her return, Kaban follows the instructions given by the a book. She then uses a piece of paper and a magnifying glass to show the owls and Serval her method to obtains the heat source. After she puts the paper on fire with the magnifying glass, she adds wood to intensify it, scared, Serval and the owls step away from the fire. Kaban pursues the instructions, she arranges a plates to serves the owls. She prepared rice accompanied with curry and vegetables.

Professors's reaction after eating Kaban's spicy dish

The time has come, the owls remind the rules before testing the dish of Kaban, they first try to eat the food by taking the plates with her hands, Kaban tells them to use spoons instead, because of this small mistake Serval start to questions about their "cooking knowledge". At their first bite, the owls immediatly panic about the spiciness of the dish and refuse to help Kaban and Serval. However, addicted by the strong taste of it, they continue to eat the dish until nothing is left, they change their mind and accept to help them.

Afterwards, the owls reveal that Kaban is in fact a human just as Shoebill said before, which left Kaban and Serval shockless. The owls then explain that humans had a wide variety of abilities such as communication, learning and more. It is a unusual specie that is hard to describe or even understand. They can live in group and are relatively large and holds other interesting characteristics, but the capacity to make and use tools deeply fascinated the professor and her assistant. Moreover, all the abandoned relics and building were actually constructed by the humans. Without fear to say it, the owls add that the humans went extinct, because they couldn't live in Japari Park, or because they are somewhere else, but the owls has clueless. Serval decides to find them, Eurasian Eagle-Owl proposes to go to an area suitable for humans. They give them the bonus prize which are PPP Comeback Concert tickets that offer them the possibility to get the VIP treatment and encounters the PPP idols.

Before leaving The Library, the professor tell them stay aware of the ceruleans and to run away from them whatever the situation. Nonetheless, the professor and her assistant wish to see Kaban and Serval again, and they hope they will find the humans.

At the end, Raccoon and Fennec Fox meet North American Beaver and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog, and stay in the house they built.

Major Events

  • Discovery of the library
  • Kaban and Serval Cat meet the professor and her assistant
  • Confirmation of Kaban for being a human
  • Kaban and Serval Cat receive PPP Comeback Concert tickets

Animal Talk Segments

Northern White-Faced Owl's animal talk
Eurasian Eagle-Owl's animal talk


Major Characters


In the initial TV airing of the series, episode 7 was the first to have the animation for the wheels on the Japari Bus in the opening sequence fixed.

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