S1E02: Jungle Area

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Episode 2 - Jungle Area

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Episode Data
Japanese Title: じゃんぐるちほー (Janguru Chihō)
Broadcast Date: January 17th, 2017
Animal Introductions: Asian Small-Clawed Otter, Jaguar
Previous Episode: Episode 1 - Savanna Area
Next Episode: Episode 3 - Mountain

Jungle Area (Japanese: じゃんぐるちほー) is the second episode of the Kemono Friends anime series. It introduces Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Jaguar.


Serval is shocked when she finds out that Lucky can speak. Kaban introduces herself and tells him she would like to visit the library. Hearing this, Boss begins to give a general explanation of Japari Park and the different areas, but Kaban slowly dozes off. Noticing the feather on Kaban's hat, Boss begins playing a short message in a different voice before Kaban drifts off to sleep. Serval attempts to start a conversation with Boss on her own, but the robot does not respond.

Ocelot sleeping on a branch of a tree during Kaban & Serval Cat's jungle tour

When Kaban wakes up, Boss begins to plan a route to the Library. Because it is rather far away, Kaban and Serval decide to find the Japari Bus near An'in Bridge. Along the way, Boss guides them through a tour of the Jungle area where they encounter many different Friends.

After a considerable distance, the path disappears, and Boss begins to stutter, unable to lead them the correct way. Stopping next to the river, they meet Asian Small-Clawed Otter playing near the water. Kaban and Serval inform Otter of their predicament, and Otter suggests they wait for Jaguar to pass by so they can catch a ride on her raft. To pass time, they sunbathe and copy Otter by juggling rocks. Completely immersed, they almost miss Jaguar as she passes by, but manage to attract her attention at the last minute.

Jaguar gives them a ride to An'in Bridge, which was in disrepair. Disembarking, Boss leads the group to the Japari Bus, only to find it missing the forward half. Jaguar recalls seeing something similar on the opposite side of the river. Crossing with the raft to take a look, Boss confirms it is the missing half. They think of a way to get this piece over to the other side, but the river is too wide for Serval to jump across, and the bus is too heavy to ferry over.

However, Kaban notices the posts that used to support the Bridge and explains her idea. They gather up the broken bridge and Kaban creates a pulley system with a nearby rope. Tying the rope to the support beam of the bridge, Jaguar and Otter then swim out to one of the poles, loop the rope through, and bring it back to shore. The whole team pulls on the rope, slowly moving the bridge pieces back into place. Now with enough space, Serval jumps from one tile to the next while carrying the missing half of the bus.

They connect the two parts of the bus, and the Friends marvel at the completed bus. Boss hops in and the engine starts up for a moment before it promptly fails. With the battery dead, Boss reports that it can be charged in the Café at the top of a nearby mountain. Kaban and Serval anticipate how they will reach the top. The episode closes with the shadow of a flying Friend passing overhead.

Major Events

  • Kaban and Serval meet Asian Small-Clawed Otter and Jaguar.
  • Kaban reconstructs the An'in Bridge, allowing the river to be crossed without a raft.
  • The two halves of the Japari Bus are united.

Animal Talk Segments

Asian Small-Clawed Otter's animal talk
Jaguar's animal talk


Major Characters

Minor Characters

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