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Royal Penguin


Friend Data
First Appearance: Chapter 17
Featured in Chapters: Chapter 17
Occupation: Friend
Associated Characters: Unknown
Royal Penguin Anime Season 2 Manga Festival Pavilion Stage Play Gallery

A Royal Penguin Friend makes a cameo appearance on the cover art page of Chapter 17 of the Kemono Friends Manga, along with the members of PPP.


As this Friend is never depicted in any scenes of the manga, her personality is unknown.

Role in the Plot

Royal Penguin does not appear during the events of the manga itself, though it can be inferred from statements by the anime Royal Penguin that she was not a member of PPP in this generation.

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As this instance of Royal Penguin only appears in the splash page of Chapter 17, whether or not a Royal Penguin Friend existed during the first generation of Friends depicted in the manga is uncertain. While it could imply as such, the nature of the page does not necessarily reflect the world of Kemono Friends itself, and cannot be used to make a proper judgement.