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Red Panda

Red PandaAnimeS2.jpg

Friend Data
Voiced by: Hikaru Toono
First Appearance: Episode 2
Home Area: Azua Park
Associated Characters: Giant Panda
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Red Panda Anime Season 2 Festival Pavilion (Gen 2​ • ​EX)​ KF3 Nexon Game Gallery

Red Panda is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


Red Panda is self-conscious and has a inferiority complex to Giant Panda, often comparing herself to Giant Panda and believing herself to be less interesting and cute. Despite her confidence issues, she wants to be useful and jumps at an opportunity to help. However, her eagerness to help can cause her to mislead other Friends, by pretending she knows more than she does. She sobs exaggeratedly when she is happy or sad.

Role in the Plot

S2E02: Panda and Panda

Red Panda appears from the bushes and lightly scolds Giant Panda for always falling asleep. When she finds out Giant Panda fell asleep in the middle of giving directions to Serval, Caracal and Kyururu, she insists on taking the group to the playground herself rather than waking the other panda. However, it soon becomes clear that she has no idea where it is, leading them first to a dead end on a cliff, then back to the place the trio and her started. When she is found out, she apologizes and explains that she just wanted to help. After they do stumble upon the pieces of the playground's equipment, she helps Kyururu repair the swing by climbing the posts and tying the seats to the top. She has fun playing on the slide and swings with everyone else. She later tries to protect a sleeping Giant Panda from falling off the swing when the rope slips, after which they have an emotional hug. At the Japari Line monorail station, she thanks Kyururu for giving her the playground drawing that he added her and Giant Panda to.

Red Panda's animal talk

She also appears in one of this episode's animal talk segments.

S2E11: The Ocean's Mood

In the trailer on the way to Kyururu, Giant Panda becomes sleepy, and while she tells her not to lean on her, she falls backwards onto Red Panda, who says that Giant Panda is heavy. When they get cornered by a group of Celliens, she tells Giant Panda that it's a bad time for her to be sleeping. After Giant Panda takes care of the entire horde by herself, Red Panda breaks the news to Western Lowland Gorilla that Giant Panda already did it, and then explains to Western Lowland Gorilla about how interrupting her sleep makes her very strong.

S2E12: I'm Home

When Western Lowland Gorilla complains about having to carry Giant Panda, she tries to make Red Panda carry her, who says she's too heavy for her to carry. When Western Lowland Gorilla wonders if Kyururu got away to safety with his drawing, Red Panda says she hopes so. On the beach after the hotel collapses, she's glad to see Giant Panda woke up.


Giant Panda

She and Red Panda are close, and she appreciates that Red Panda is her friend and looks out for her despite her tendency to fall asleep frequently.


  • Her feeling of inferiority to Giant Panda is a reference to one of the animal's common names being "Lesser Panda".
  • The Red Panda in Season 2 is actually Red Panda EX like Leopard is actually Leopard EX.
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