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Red-Eared Slider
Friend Data
Voice 佐藤 舞 Mai Sato
Radiance KFKBrilliance.png Brilliance
Role KFK Tank.png Guard
Attack Type Single-Target Melee
Implemented October 12, 2023
ID # ?
Red-Eared Slider Festival Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Red-Eared Slider is a Brilliance Guard Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“Favorite food? Well... I eat everything.”
Red-Eared Slider's profile

The appetite and curiosity of Red-Eared Slider are both equally insatiable. She absolutely loves food, and will try just about anything once; she is far from a picky eater. Perhaps the hope of finding an interesting new meal is part of why she is always looking here, there, and everywhere, her attention being pulled every which way by many a colorful sight; regardless of her reasons, she truly does have a curious mind with a desire to see and try new things.

That being said, she is also known to be very anxious, and might turn tail and flee if her curiosity leads her to encounter something frightening. With her friends at her side and her mighty shield up front, she learns to brave the unknown step by step.

Role in the Plot

Main Story

Red-Eared Slider is a supporting character in Chapter 5: Search for Sunny Coast, where the protagonist's party finds her having fallen into a hole alongside Blue Whale. Red-Eared Slider is unable to move due to an ankle injury sustained in the fall, and much of the chapter revolves around the effort to rescue the pair from what is revealed to be one of Kingdom's abandoned underground subway stations.


Arctic Hare

Arctic Hare and Red-Eared Slider are good pals, both being easygoing food enthusiasts. They like to run together as a way to burn off the calories from their culinary endeavors.

Blue Whale, Chinese White Dolphin, Narwhal, Short-Beaked Common Dolphin

Red-Eared Slider seems to be fairly close with this tight-knit group of cetacean Friends from the Ocean Area.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 1662 10551 PATK 233 1480
PDEF 321 1913 SATK 69 416
SDEF 317 1893 Speed 22 22
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Brilliance Group Core I

The "Brilliance Group Support" Habit has a 50% higher chance to create 1 Dice with random points.

Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +35% Same-Radiance Teammate Friends' DMG +6% Brilliance Group Core II

When carrying "The Hare and the Tortoise" Habit, the "Brilliance Group Support" Habit will take effect at the same time. Dice generated by the latter will always show 6.

Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: With a Radiant Advantage, all Friends take 1% less damage from Ceruleans.

Awaken Tier 2: With a Radiant Advantage, all Friends take 4% less damage from Ceruleans.

I Will Guard Everyone!
Active: Red-Eared Slider opens the giant shell, granting all Friends in combat Shields equal to (x). Each Dice point increases the Shield by +1%.

Passive (Novice): Protection. Enemies who attack Red-Eared Slider from the front deal 15% less DMG to her.
Passive (Adept): Group Protection. Enemies who attack Red-Eared Slider from the front deal 15% less DMG to her, and deal 6% less damage to Friends standing behind Red-Eared Slider.
Passive (Expert): Group Protection. Enemies who attack Red-Eared Slider from the front deal 15% less DMG to her, and deal 12% less damage to Friends standing behind Red-Eared Slider. Red-Eared Slider's Speed is reduced by 90%, and she will always stand between Friends and attacking Ceruleans where possible.

Brilliance Support Group
None None
When a Friend protected by Red-Eared Slider is attacked, there is a 12% chance for that Friend to gain 1 Dice. This effect can only be triggered once per turn. Using Red-Eared Slider's Miracle grants all Friends in combat +66% SDEF during the round of use. Red-Eared Slider always has a higher Speed stat than the fastest Cerulean. RES of Friends protected increases +100%.
Nature Skill Stream Shield Lv.1/2
House of Earth Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Beyond Mountain and Snow
KFKSliderCombo.png KFKPassengerPigeonCombo.png

Red-Eared Slider, Passenger Pigeon

All Friends' ATK +17% for 7 rounds.


Red-Eared Slider's passive defensive boost to all Friends positioned behind herself makes her one of the best Guards in the game, if not its premier Guard outright.

  • Her Breakthrough 1 massively buffs her first Habit, "Brilliance Support Group", and her Breakthrough 5 effectively grants her the use of that buffed Habit and her third Habit, "The Tortoise and the Hare", simultaneously. It goes without saying that access to two simultaneous Habits is an extremely powerful trait to have, which other Friends only wish they could boast.
  • Red-Eared Slider has a COMBO Effect with Passenger Pigeon, who is arguably the game's premier Healer Friend.



  • Her outgoing, inquisitive personality with a touch of anxiety can be seen as a contrast to that of her Nexon game counterpart, who was moreso known for being afraid of the outside world, and who was slowly working to overcome those fears.
  • Mai Sato renews her role as Red-Eared Slider, who she also voiced in Kemono Friends 3.

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