Polar Bear's Character Quest

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Polar Bear


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Polar Bear's Character Quest is a quest in the original Kemono Friends mobile game centered around Polar Bear.


The story opens in the frigid Hokkai Region of Japari Park, where Mirai is presenting a quiz about Polar Bear to several other Friends. Serval is cold, but excited and ready to participate to her fullest ability, cheering on the protagonist as well. Mirai introduces Polar Bear, who then steps on stage and thanks the attendees for coming to the quiz, promising to do her best to teach the others about her. Afterwards, Mirai presents the first question. Behind a nearby rock is a Cerulean, and she asks the audience what Polar Bear will do in response. Will it be the first option, fighting together with her friends, the second, fighting alone, or the third, running away?

Serval wholeheartedly believes in option one, saying that you would not be afraid if you are fighting together with friends. White Rhinoceros agrees, saying that it is hard to protect Japari Park and defeat enemies alone. Walrus chooses option three, then says that answering made her tired, and that is going to take a break. Ezo Red Fox says that she would want to fight with everyone, but is afraid of troubling others, so she would fight alone, and chooses option two. Mirai calls upon Polar Bear to reveal the correct answer, and she begins to attack the Cerulean alone, prompting a surprised White Rhinoceros to note that the answer is being revealed in real time.

Once the Cerulean has been defeated, Mirai confirms that the correct answer was option two, in which Polar Bear attacks the Cerulean on her own from behind with her full power. Congratulating Ezo Red Fox, Mirai gives her a doll modeled after Polar Bear, which she nervously accepts, asking if it's really okay, and thanking Mirai. White Rhinoceros calls the doll lovely, and praises Polar Bear's fighting ability, calling her courageous. However, Polar Bear rejects the praise, saying it is something not worth praising, explaining that she is always thinking about doing her best and what the best way to achieve victory is. Mirai then decides that as Polar Bear's friendship with the others has grown deeper, she will present the second question.

Mirai says that there are more Ceruleans coming closer in this direction, and asks the group what Polar Bear will do. She presents the first option, fighting them face to face, the second option, running away from the danger, and the third option, hiding and doing a surprise attack. White Rhinoceros asserts that the correct answer is option one, because she believes charging straight ahead is the best method of attack. Serval disagrees, saying that since Polar Bear fights by herself, it should be option two, showing concern and not wanting her to do dangerous things. Ezo Red Fox agrees with this, while Walrus is resting, and she is humorously replaced with a signboard, confusing Serval. Mirai then reveals the correct answer, but Polar Bear is already gone.

Polar Bear appears by surprise, ambushing the Ceruleans and defeating them. Polar Bear says that fighting face to face every time is not the way of a Polar Bear, asserting that sometimes you must wait and ambush foes to achieve victory. Serval interjects, worried, and Polar Bear asks her why she appears to not agree with her. Serval says that if she continues fighting alone, one day Polar Bear may experience a danger she cannot overcome. Polar Bear assures Serval not to worry, as if things become overwhelming, she can jump into the sea and swim, saying that she practiced in the northern area and loses none of her strength while swimming. Serval, however, is still not satisfied with this answer.

Just then, Polar Bear tells the group to wait, and smells a large number of Ceruleans approaching. White Rhinoceros panics, attempting to wake up Walrus, but Walrus, tired, doesn't understand the fuss, asking that she makes tea and calms herself before addressing anything. Serval says there is no time to relax, and tells Polar Bear that the group will assist her in the fight. Polar Bear admits that there are too many to fight alone, and tells the group that she will be go ahead first to make a hole in the ice, asking them to follow her as well.

After the fight, White Rhinoceros is exasperated at the fact the group managed to win, and Ezo Red Fox is happy that everyone is safe. Meanwhile, Walrus says she feels so tired that she cannot move, and Serval asks if Polar Bear is okay, which confuses her. Serval says that Polar Bear jumped into the cold water and attacked many Ceruleans, and Polar Bear reminds her that she does not need to worry, as she is familiar with how to survive in this cold climate. Mirai tells Serval that because Polar Bear has a thick layer of fat, she does not easily lose heat, and thus does not become cold. Serval understands, but says she cannot help but worry, because she considers Polar Bear a friend. White Rhinoceros and Ezo Red Fox express the same sentiment, while Walrus continues to lay still. Polar Bear admits that fighting together is more efficient, and says she will consider their offer to call upon them if she needs their help.


Character English Japanese
Let’s get to know that kid you’re curious about! Time for the “Polar Bear-san ☆ quiz”!! 気になるあの子のことを知りましょう!『クイズ☆ホッキョクグマさん』!!
ServalNexonIcon.png White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png WalrusNexonIcon.png
Waa! *clapping* わー!(ぱちぽち)。
We're going to get to know more about Polar Bear, right? It's really cold here, but I said I'll do it, so I'll go ahead at full power! [Protagonist], you do your best, too! ホッキョクグマのこと、もっとよく知れるんだね!ここすっごく寒いけど、やるからには全力でいくよ!「主人公」も頑張ろうね!
Now, let’s have today's star, Polar Bear-san, enter the stage, please! では、さっそく本日の主役ホッキョクグマさんに、登場してもらいましょう。どうぞ!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Fufu, fellow comrades, thank you for coming. Welcome. I will do my best, so please learn more about me. ふふ、同士諸君、よく来てくれた。歓迎する。今日は頑張って、私のことを知ってくれたまえ。
Now then, let’s state the first question! On the other side of that rock, there are some Celliens. What will Polar Bear-san do? Will she: 1: Fight together with her friends, 2: Fight alone, or 3: Run away? それでは、さっそく第1問!あの岩の向こうに数匹のセルリアンがいます。ホッキョクグマさんはどうするでしょう? 1:仲間と一緒に戦う 2:ひとりで戦う 3:逃げる。
Yes, yes! Of course it’s number 1! Because you won't be afraid if you're fighting alongside friends! はいはーい!もちろん1番だよ!仲間と戦えば怖くないもんね!
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
I pick the same choice as Serval, number 1. It’s hard to protect the peace of Japari Park and annihilate your enemies on your own. わたくしもサーバル様と同じく1番ですわ。ジャパリパークの平和のため、敵を全滅させるには、ひとりでは難しいですもの。
I choose number 3, please. Fuh... ... If I answer, I'll get tired. I'll take a break for a moment. 私は3番でお願いします。ふー... ... 答えたら疲れました。少し休みます。
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red Fox
If it were me... ... I would want to fight... ... by everyone's side, but... ... Since it looks like I would trouble somebody... ... I will fight... ... alone... ...That’s why... ... I choose number 2. ボクなら... ... みんなと一緒に... ... 戦いたいけど... ... 迷惑かけそうだから、ひとりで... ... 戦うよ。... ... だから... ... 2番にする。
Now, the answers have all been submitted! Now then, the correct answer is... ... Polar Bear-san, please! さぁ、回答が出揃いました!それでは、正解は... ... ホッキョクグマさん!お願いします!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
... ... Fufufu, very well. ... ... ふふふっ、よかろう。
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
Oh my, the correct answer is demonstrated in real time? あら、正解は実地ですの?
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Quite so. Fellow companions, this is the correct answer! Haaaaaah!!! その通り。同士諸君、これが正解だ!はぁぁぁぁぁぁ!!
So, the correct answer is number 2! She'll approach the enemy by herself, and then smash them with her full power from behind! Ezo Red Fox, your answer was spot on! For answering correctly, I'll give you a present: a Polar Bear-san doll! ということで、正解は2番!自ら乗り込み、背後から全力で叩き潰す。でした!キタキツネさん、大正解です!正解したキタキツネさんには、ホッキョクグマさん人形をプレゼントです!
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red Fox
Uhm... ... uhm... ... is it really okay?... ... Thank you. あの... ... えっと... ... いいのかな?... ... ありがとう。
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
That's lovely, Polar Bear-sama! My heart was dancing witnessing your courageous fighting. 素敵でしたわ、ホッキョクグマ様!勇ましく戦う姿に心が躍りましたわ!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Fuh, it’s not something worth praising. I’m always doing my best and thinking about the best way to win. ふ、褒めてもらうことではない。私は常に戦いにおいてベストを尽くし、勝利を勝ちとる方法を考えているだけだ。
Since your friendship with Polar Bear-san has become deeper, it's time for the second question! There are approaching Celliens getting closer to here. Now, what will Polar Bear-san do? 1: Fight the enemy face-to-face, 2: Run away, since it's really dangerous, or 3: Hide and do a surprise attack? 親交が深まったところで、第2問!こちらに近付いてくるセルリアンがいます。さて、ホッキョクグマさんはどうするでしょう? 1:正面から戦う 2:さすがに危ないから逃げる 3:隠れて奇襲する。
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
Of course it’s number 1! There’s no other way to fight besides charging straight ahead! もちろん、1番ですわ!突撃あるのみですわよね!
No... ... Polar Bear fights by herself, right? So, I think it’s number 2, because I don’t want her to do something dangerous. う〜ん... ... ホッキョクグマはひとりで戦うんだよね? なら、私は2番かな? 危ないことはしないで欲しいから。
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red Fox
I also... ... have the same feelings as Serval. I choose number 2... ... ボクも... ... サーバルと同じ気持ち。2番にする... ...
Walrus... ... since when?... ... セイウチ... ... いつの間に... ...
Then, it's time to announce the correct answer. Polar Bear-san, please go ahead-- It seems she’s already gone... ... それでは、正解発表です。ホッキョクグマさん、お願いします。と言っても、もうここにはいませんが... ...
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
I can’t believe it was the third option... ... I never would have thought that you were lying in wait on the edge of the ice, so you could ambush them and charge. まさかの3番なんて... ... 氷の縁で待ち伏せをして、突撃するとは思いませんでしたわ。
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Doing nothing but fighting face-to-face is not the way of a Polar Bear. Sometimes, to achieve victory, there are times when you must lie in wait and ambush the enemy. 正面から戦うだけがホッキョクグマではない。勝利のために、時には待ち伏せすることもある。
W-wait a second! ちょ、ちょっと待ってよ!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
What is it, Serval? Why, what's with that "I don't agree" face? どうした、サーバル? なぜ、そんな納得できないという顔をしている?
Because... ... If you're fighting alone like that, I’m sure that someday you'll get into a dangerous situation, Polar Bear! だって... ... ひとりでそんな戦い方してたら、きっといつかホッキョクグマが危ない目にあっちゃうよ!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Don’t worry about it. When push comes to shove, I can also jump into the sea and swim away. I've practiced in the northern area, and I don't lose any of my strength in the water! 心配無用だ。いざとなれば、海に飛び込み泳ぐことも出来る。北の地で鍛えた我が力に不足はない!
But... ...! でもっ... ...!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Wait a second! Be quiet. Certainly... ... that smell. It looks like a large number of Celliens are on their way here. ちょっと待て!静かに。... ... 臭う。大量のセルリアンが近くまで来ているようだ。
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
What did you say!? Walrus-sama, wake up! Now is not the time to rest! 何ですって!? セイウチ様、お起きになって!休憩してる場合じゃないですわ!
Uh... ... What's with the fuss? First, let me drink some tea and calm myself... ... う〜ん... ...。何の騒ぎですか? まずはお茶を飲んで落ち着いてから... ...
There’s no time to relax! Polar Bear! From now on, we'll lend you our power! のんびりしてる暇はないよー!ホッキョクグマ!今からは私たちも力を貸すからね!
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
... ... It seems like that will be the case. There are too many of them. I'll make a hole in the ice, so I will go first. Come, follow me! ... ... そうだな。さすがに数が多い。私が氷に穴を掘って先行するからついて来てくれ!
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
Fuh... ... Somehow, we managed to win. ふぅ... ...。なんとか勝てましたわね。
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red Fox
... ... Yes. Everyone is safe. I’m happy. ... ... うん。みんなが無事でうれしい。
Haah... ... I’m tired. I can’t move anymore. はぁ... ... つかれました。もう動けませんー。
Polar Bear, are you okay? ホッキョクグマ、大丈夫?
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
What? 何がだ?
Uhm... ... You jumped into that cold water, and then you cut up a lot of Celliens... ... その... ... 冷たい水の中に飛び込んで行ってくれたし、ひとりで大量のセルリアンんい切り込んで行ってくれたし... ...
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
You don't need to worry about that. I already told you, didn't I? I know the secret to living in this icy world. That is my power. 心配には及ばない。言っただろう。この氷の世界で生きていく術を私は知っている。それが、私の強さだ。
Serval-san, you don’t need to be worried. Because Polar Bear-san has a thick layer of fat, she doesn’t lose heat easily, so it’s not so cold for her. サーバルさん、本当に心配しなくていいですよ。ホッキョクグマさんには分厚い脂肪層がありますから、簡単には熱を失わないですし、寒くありません。
I see... ... But I can’t help worrying, because Polar Bear is an important friend. そうなんだ... ...。でも、やっぱり心配葉するよ。だってホッキョクグマは大切な仲間だもん!
White RhinocerosNexonIcon.png
White Rhinoceros
Yes, I understand that Polar Bear is powerful, but if there’s anything you need, I will fight together with you. Please, call me anytime. ええ、ホッキョクグマの強さは分かりましたけど、何があればわたくしも共に戦いますわ。いつでもお呼びくださいませ。
Ezo Red FoxNexonIcon.png
Ezo Red Fox
I will also... ... do my best. ボクも... ... がんばるよ。
If it's okay, I'm not going to move. 私も動かなくてもいいなら。
Polar BearNexonIcon.png
Polar Bear
Hmm, I see. Is this what friends are? Certainly, fighting together is more efficient. Fuh... ... I will think about it. ふむ、なるほど。これが仲間ということか? 確かに誰かと共に戦うことは効率的だった。フッ... ... 考えておこう。
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