Penguins Performance Project (KF3 Event)

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March 25th, 2020 (Wed) (After maintenance) - March 31st, 2020 (Tues) 14:00 (JST)

How to play the event

• Collect Live Tickets!

Clear the event quests while enjoying the story that will be released sequentially.

Get "Live Tickets"!

Collected event items can be exchanged for luxurious rewards such as "Sparkle Crystals" and "March Shop Coupons".

• "Hard" and "Extra" Challenge!

"Hard" and "Extra" event quests release in the latter half of the event.

They are of intense difficulty and cannot be continued!

As you progress through the quests, daily quests with Live Tickets will appear!

Challenge quests and collect a great deal of event items every day!

• Let's clear the event missions!

Play the event and get the mission achievement rewards!

Some of the mission achievement rewards are 5 Lucky Medals, 1 SSR Memory Stone, 1 SSR Rainbow Animal Ramune, and Royal Penguin's PPP Hoodie.

If you complete the event mission "Clear the Extra Daily" you can get "Royal Penguin's PPP Hoodie". ♪

  • "PPP Hoodie" of other PPP members can be exchanged at the "Stylish Medal Exchange" held at the same time!


ジャパリパークのアイドルユニットPIPは、 新たにスカウトされたロイヤルペンギンのプリンセスが加わって PPP(Penguins Performance Project)になりました! これからも一層の声援をよろしくお願いします!

Event Special Effect Friends

Character Name
Icon chara 0025.png
Emperor Penguin
+ 50%
+ 30%
+ 30%
Icon chara 0026.png
Humboldt Penguin
+ 50%
+ 30%
+ 30%
Icon chara 0027.png
Rockhopper Penguin
+ 20%
+ 10%
+ 10%
Icon chara 0028.png
Gentoo Penguin
+ 20%
+ 10%
+ 10%
Icon chara 0024.png
Royal Penguin
+ 20%
+ 10%
+ 10%
Icon chara 0071.png
Giant Penguin
+ 10%
+ 10%
+ 10%

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