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Passenger Pigeon
Passenger PigeonKingdom.png
Friend Data
Voice Shiraishi Ryōko 白石涼子
Radiance KFKBrilliance.png Brilliance
Role KFK Healer.png Healer
Attack Type Healing
Implemented October 12, 2023
ID # ?
Passenger Pigeon Season 2 Pavilion KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Passenger Pigeon is a Brilliance Healer Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“Everyone, please pay attention. I am Passenger Pigeon, I can bring you wonder...”
Passenger Pigeon's profile

Passenger Pigeon is Kingdom's tour guide extraordinaire. She is glad to lead the way for any Friend seeking to make a journey, and is content to cross chilling snow fields and scorching desert sands to ensure safe travels for her "passengers". She has a knack for planning out safe, efficient, and scenic itineraries, leading the Friends in her care on trips they will not soon forget. Even in her free time, Passenger Pigeon can be found meticulously calculating paths across Kingdom and committing its geography to memory.

The sociable Passenger Pigeon is well-known for her upbeat demeanor; she believes that any journey is best undertaken in good company, which lends itself well to her tour guide lifestyle. However, the side of Passenger Pigeon which many Friends do not see is that she does not handle extended solitude particularly well; she can easily overexert herself with her travel planning when loneliness sets in. As such, she is grateful for any opportunity she gets to accompany a journeying Friend, and even a "hello" and a stroll together can help keep her spirits flying high.

Role in the Plot

Main Story

Passenger Pigeon is a supporting character in Chapter 5: Search for Sunny Coast. She helps Jinri, Chevrotain, and Least Weasel navigate the subway tunnels under Kingdom after their Lucky Beast companion loses its GPS signal.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 1426 8955 PATK 95 450
PDEF 255 1519 SATK 321 1604
SDEF 262 1564 Speed 109 109
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Aerial Passerby

If Passenger Pigeon doesn't hit any targets when being launched, the next attack's healing is increased by 40%.

Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +35% Same-Radiance Teammate Friends' DMG +6% VIP Redeem

The Mileage required to get Dice is reduced by 40%, and it is more likely to roll and get higher points.

Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: Same-Radiance Teammate Friends' DMG +1%

Awaken Tier 2: Same-Radiance Teammate Friends' DMG +4%

Reminisce the Sky Journey
Passive: Passenger Pigeon gains Mileage points based on her Movement Distance. Gains 1 Dice with random points for every 40 Mileage collected. Each Dice point increases Passenger Pigeon's healing done by 3%, lasting for 7 rounds.

Active: After using the Miracle, Passenger Pigeon delivers sincere blessings to Friends, healing all Friends for 224% SATK.

Best Journey
None None
Catapult Launches now accumulate Mileage 2 times. (First when launched, then again when moving from landing site to attack position.) If Passenger Pigeon hasn't moved this round, attacks and Miracles can accumulate 15 Mileage. Obtaining a Dice showing 6 grants another 1 Dice.
Nature Skill Sky Traveler Lv.1/2
House of Air Production Rate +1%/+1.5%
Combo Beyond Mountain and Snow
KFKPassengerPigeonCombo.png KFKSliderCombo.png

Passenger Pigeon, Red-Eared Slider

All Friends' ATK +17% for 7 rounds.
Special Attributes
KFK Up Arrow.pngThis Friend is capable of flight, allowing them to avoid ground-based hazards.


Passenger Pigeon is an adept healer for any team structure, even though her kit suggests she is best fit for a Dice-centric team- which is still very true in and of itself. There is a solid case to be made that Passenger Pigeon is the game's premier Healer Friend.

  • Her stats across the board far surpass those of the other common 6-Star Healer, Suri Alpaca, which generally allows her to survive stronger attacks and deal more overall healing.
    • Additionally, Passenger Pigeon has a COMBO Bonus with Red-Eared Slider, who is arguably the strongest Guard Friend in the game and can be found on any team structure; meanwhile, Suri Alpaca pairs with Crested Ibis, who is generally relegated to niche builds when used at higher levels of game play.
  • Suri Alpaca is not wholly outclassed, as her extremely useful Habits give her solid use cases. Although the base healing effect of Suri Alpaca's Miracle is higher on paper, her lower SATK means the difference does not usually save her from being outhealed by Passenger Pigeon.
  • Passenger Pigeon should almost always use her first Habit, "Best Journey", as its effect is more powerful and consistent than those of her other Habits.
    • While her second Habit, "Home Quarantine", can in theory grant more Mileage than her first Habit, it requires numerous turns to match what "Best Journey" achieves on her first turn in play, and even more to surpass it.
    • Her third Habit, "Dice Master", is very odds-based and not easily recommended for use in any scenario.



  • Shiraishi Ryōko reprises her role as Passenger Pigeon, who she also voiced in Kemono Friends 2 and Kemono Friends 3.
  • Her second Habit, "Home Quarantine", may have originally been called "Escort Time"; this is reflected in her Awakening Tier 2 level-up screen, which refers to the second Habit by both of these names and suggests that the Habit name was not updated properly in all areas.

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