Park Founder

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Park Founder
Character Data
Japanese Name: 創始者
Romanised Name: Soushisha
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Gender: Unknown
Occupation: Founder of Japari Park
Status: Unknown

The Park Founder is a mysterious character mentioned but one time during the storyline of the original mobile game. They are the founder of Japari Park, but almost nothing is known about their background or personality.

Appearance & Personality

The Park Founder has no known physical characteristics. Their gender, age, disposition and all other aspects of their identity outside of their title are a complete mystery. The only confirmed detail of their personality is that they seem to have faith in Towa, the game's protagonist, arranging for their invitation to the park and apparently believe in their ability to form true friendships with the Friends that live there.

Role in the Plot

When introducing Towa to the world of Japari Park, Mirai explains that they've been invited at the behest of the park's own founder, who believes that Towa is capable of forming true friendships with Friends. The details of this invitation are not elaborated upon further at any point in the story.

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