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The Park is a feature of Kemono Friends Kingdom which allows the player to interact with Friends and collect resources.


The Park is an area where Friends gather to chat, play, relax, and prepare to set out on adventures. It is located on a grassy shoreline, amid dilapidated buildings and old stone pathways claimed by overgrowth. The edges of the shoreline are broken up into islets, typically close enough together that Friends and Lucky Beasts can safely hop between them; where larger gaps exist, bridges can be found. A forest borders the Park on the side opposite the water.

In the distance, a large castle is visible rising up over the trees.

Play Menu

Players can invite their favorite Friends to play in the Park through the Play menu, which allows for a number of Friends to be manually assigned to bustle about the Park. This also allows them to participate in Park Stories. The number of Friends who can be selected via the Play menu at one time increases as the level of the player's Main House does likewise. As Friends meander about the Park grounds, they will climb the stairs of the Main House, hop across water barriers, and speak to one another with simple speech balloons depicting emotions such as excitement, anger, surprise, confusion, or sadness; these appear to be wholly random and have no bearing on other matters of game-play, being purely cosmetic. Occasionally, a Friend might sit down at an outdoor seating area. The Park area is also populated by the Lucky Beasts to which the player has access, when they are not currently working on a building or producing materials in a House.

Interacting with Friends

When tapping on a Friend who is playing in the Park, that Friend should say one of two voice lines, accompanied by a dialogue bubble. Tapping and holding on a Friend will allow the player to pick her up and move her around the Park freely, to which she will typically react with frustration, surprise, resignation, or excitement; each Friend has a single "picked up" sprite. Moving a lifted Friend to a chair stationed at any of the outdoor tables will cause her to sit down; the hanging bench in the rear right of the Park does not support this feature. An orange square underneath a lifted Friend tells the player she can be dropped in the spot she is currently hovering over; attempting to drop a lifted Friend somewhere she cannot be, as indicated by the absence of said orange box, will cause her to snap back to the spot she was initially picked up from. Lucky Beasts can also be picked up and moved about, but they do not change their expression; they simply continue in their walking animation, akin to a wind-up toy which has been picked up off the ground, and resume walking once placed back on the ground.


Players are tasked with restoring dilapidated buildings in the Park called Houses, beautifying the run-down plaza and allowing for resources to be generated. Typically, upgrading one House requires resources only produced by upgrading another, so Houses must be restored in a set sequence. Restoring buildings or generating resources requires Lucky Beasts to be running, so the player must also restore Wind Turbines to increase the number of Lucky Beasts in the Park, as well as to provide Electricity- a key component in most material production.

There are five Houses to be restored in total: House of Air, House of Earth, House of Water, House of Life, and the Main House. The first four of these Houses each generate their own signature Produce Material- Air, Earth, Water, and Ecological Factors, respectively- while the fifth, the Main House, produces a variety of other useful game-play materials such as Fluorites, Energy, and Manuscripts.

Produce Material Houses

As the four Produce Material Houses are levelled up, they gain the ability to produce new, refined forms of those materials alongside their lower-grade versions. Houses can produce Beginner (Level I), Intermediate (Level II), and Advanced (Level III) Produce Materials. Additionally, these buildings are expanded upon level-up, greatly increasing the number of materials a single building can generate at one time. In the case of level I and II materials, a player cannot craft a single instance; instead, groups of these materials are gained per unit crafted, increasing the total yield of lower-level material crafting. Level III materials are, meanwhile, always crafted in groups of one.

House of Air Material Production
Materials Produced Quality Level # per Unit Production Cost per Unit Production Time per Unit House Level Required for Crafting
Pleasant Air Beginner (I) 5 4 Electricity 2 minutes House of Air 1
Fresh Air Intermediate (II) 2 40 Electricity, 5 Pleasant Air, 1 Clear Water 20 minutes House of Air 2
Fragrant Air Advanced (III) 1 80 Electricity, 1 Fresh Air, 1 Clean Water 40 minutes House of Air 3
House of Earth Material Production
Materials Produced Quality Level # per Unit Production Cost per Unit Production Time per Unit House Level Required for Crafting
Rich Soil Beginner (I) 5 6 Electricity 3 minutes House of Earth 1
Fertile Soil Intermediate (II) 2 50 Electricity, 5 Rich Soil, 1 Pleasant Air 25 minutes House of Earth 2
Virile Soil Advanced (III) 1 100 Electricity, 1 Fertile Soil, 1 Fresh Air 50 minutes House of Earth 3
House of Water Material Production
Materials Produced Quality Level # per Unit Production Cost per Unit Production Time per Unit House Lv. Required to Craft
Clear Water Beginner (I) 5 8 Electricity 4 minutes House of Water 1
Clean Water Intermediate (II) 2 60 Electricity, 5 Clear Water, 1 Rich Soil 30 minutes House of Water 2
Sweet Water Advanced (III) 1 120 Electricity, 1 Clean Water, 1 Fertile Water 60 minutes House of Water 3
House of Life Material Production
Materials Produced # per Unit Production Cost per Unit Production Time per Unit House Level Required for Crafting
Ecological Factor - Beginning Stage 5 5 Pleasant Air, 5 Rich Soil, 5 Clear Water 15 minutes House of Life 1
Ecological Factor - Intermediate Stage 2 1 Fresh Air, 1 Fertile Soil, 1 Clean Water 60 minutes House of Life 2
Ecological Factor - Advanced Stage 1 1 Fragrant Air, 1 Virile Soil, 1 Sweet Water 120 minutes House of Life 3

Nature Bonus

Production of materials can be expedited by levelling up Friends. Each Friend has one or more traits, called Nature Skills or simply Natures, which passively speed up the production time of a particular House; they give a +1% production speed boost at skill level 1, which becomes a +1.5% boost at skill level 2. Plains Zebra, who has two Natures which do not level up, is the sole exception; when she reaches Tier 1 of Awakening, both of her Natures will be active, granting a combined 2.5% boost to the House of Air. Some Friends can grant an additional +0.3% (at Nature Lv.1) or +0.5% (at Nature Lv.2) boost in tandem with a second Friend; the player needs only own both Friends for this boost to apply, and their Natures do not need to be the same level. Additionally, Friends do not need to be actively playing in the Park for any of their Nature bonuses to activate; all Friends' Nature bonuses apply passively and simultaneously.

As aforementioned, the Natures of the Friends in the following table grant a boost of +1% at Lv.1 which becomes a boost of +1.5% at Lv.2, and those who can provide a bonus boost grant an extra +0.3% boost at Lv.1 which becomes an extra +0.5% boost at Lv.2, so long as their partner is also in the player's character roster.

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Order Board

The Order Board is a wooden notice board hanging from a tree, where Friends from various Areas of Kingdom may request the delivery of materials produced by the player's Houses. In exchange for providing these materials, the player will receive Fluorites proportional to the number, type, and quality of materials given.

The first ten orders to be completed in a day will each grant ten times more Fluorites than any subsequent orders. Additionally, daily completion of three, six, and ten orders each grant a small Fluorite bonus to the player.

Comments Mini-Game

Main article: Kingdom:Comments Mini-Game
The Comments Board is a place where Friends in need of assistance post messages asking for aid, typically to solve a mystery or resolve a dispute. The player will follow a story wherein they, often accompanied by the Friend in need, collect clues or advice from an array of other Friends before assembling their findings to reach a conclusion or plan of action. Different endings to the story will occur depending on whether or not the player assembles their evidence in the correct order, and the central Friend will gain an amount of Trust proportional to how well each ending resolved their crisis.


The Hike map allows players to send groups of five Friends out on hikes to various local areas, from which they will bring back different resources. As the player progresses through the main story of the game, access to more areas, and thus more resources, will be gained. Players can send Friends out for two, four, six, or eight hours at a time, with higher rewards for longer hikes. Each area has special conditions that can be met regarding the Friends sent out on a hike; if the Friends meet these conditions at their minimum, a 30% bonus will be awarded to the player upon the hike's completion. These conditions were initially randomized each time a hike was started on any path, but later became fixed for each route.

Hiking Areas and Reward Types
Hiking Area 2 Hour Reward 4 Hour Reward 6 Hour Reward 8 Hour Reward Special Conditions for +30% Reward Bonus
Silent River Half a Bun x4, Fluorites Half a Bun x12, Fluorites Half a Bun x20, Fluorites Half a Bun x32, Fluorites 1. All Friends Awaken Tier 0 Lv. 30
2. Bring Control, Guard, Heal, Support, Assault
Haruka's Cabin Beginner Produce Material x45 Beginner Produce Material x135 Beginner Produce Material x225 Beginner Produce Material x360 1. All Friends Awaken Tier 1 Lv. 1
2. Bring Control, Guard, Heal, Support, Assault
3. At least 3 KFKSplendor.png Splendor Friends
Savanna Village Ruined Manuscript x2 Ruined Manuscript x6 Ruined Manuscript x10 Ruined Manuscript x16 1. All Friends Awaken Tier 1 Lv. 50
2. Bring Control, Guard, Heal, Support, Assault
3. At least 3 KFKWonder.png Wonder Friends
Grassy Path Intermediate Produce Materials x3 Intermediate Produce Materials x9 Intermediate Produce Materials x15 Intermediate Produce Materials x24 1. All Friends Awaken Tier 2 Lv. 1
2. Bring Control, Guard, Heal, Support, Assault
3. At least 3 KFKBrilliance.png Brilliance Friends


  • The only Friends who provide a boost to the production time of the House of Life- Emperor Penguin, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Northern White-Faced Owl, and Southern Rockhopper Penguin- are also some of the few Friends who provide an extra boost in tandem with a partner, which helps to compensate for the overall lack of boosting Friends for that House.

Bugs and Issues

  • Friends who were not implemented in the game before a certain point in its development cycle have bugged dialogue when attempting to speak to them in the Park; when tapped on the main screen, they present only a small, empty speech bubble instead of a quote, and no audio file plays even though the lines can be found in each affected Friends' voice library. This does not affect their ability to give Friend identity clues for the Comments Board mini-game, as these are pulled from a universal pool.
  • Golden Eagle suffers from a bug where her model breaks apart, with various pieces of the assembled puppet being strewn across the Park area.

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