Pale-Throated Sloth

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Pale-Throated Sloth 

Three-Toed SlothOriginal.png

Character Data
AKA Pale-throated Three-toed Sloth
Romaji Miyubinamakemono
Debut Kemono Friends Pavilion
Animal Data
Scientific Name Bradypus tridactylus
Distribution South America
Diet Herbivore
Avg. Lifespan 20 Years
Read More Pale-throated sloth
Conservation Status iucn3.1 LC.svg.png
Pale-Throated Sloth Pavilion Gallery

“Ah... ... I found Japari bun... ... I wonder if it will come to me... ... As I'm thought it won't. Then, let me use the magic claw... ... just a little more... Got it. So convenient. if you put anything on a place... ... reachable by your hand... ... that would make it easy. I'm being lazy? How rude. I just live... ... effectively... ...”
Pale-Throated Sloth's introduction

The Pale-Throated Sloth is a type of mammal Friend who appears in Kemono Friends Pavilion.


Her general design has a half-sleeping look to match the impression of the sloth. She has a short dark grey hair in which her bang has a pale pattern of a sloth face. The hair fades to light brown at the bottom and a strip of hair is tied by a green hair band at the top of her head. Her sleepy eyes are brown. There is a pale brown pointy tail at her back.

She wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a loose grey tie that fades into green. The green color represents the fact that green algae often mutualistically grow on the animal's guard hair. A light brown, open baseball jacket just hanging on her shoulders. A pair of sloth claws are in the exaggeratedly long sleeves and raised above her shoulder. She has off-white torn denim shorts, light loose brown knee-high socks and a pair of beige penny loafers, one of which are taken off and held on her left hand.

Series Appearances

Appearances In Kemono Friends Media
Media Role
2018Kemono Friends Pavilion Observable Friend

In Real Life

Pale-throated sloth, Caracas, Venezuela. Photo by Fernando Flores, 2013.

The Pale-Throated Sloth is a mammal native to the northern rainforests of South America. The males are around 50 cm long and weigh around 5 kilograms and the females are up to 75 cm long. They have a round head with a blunt nose. Their face and throat is creamy in colour with a brown nose. A short black streak runs from their eyes backward. they have long coarse guard hair and a darker undercoat. Green algae mutualistically grow on the guard hair, which makes them look brighter and greener than they actually are, but it aids in camouflaging them in the trees.

The Pale-Throated Sloth has two forward-facing eyes despite being a herbivore. They can't see colour but they have good senses of smell and hearing. They have 9 cervical vertibrae, 2 more than humans, which allows them to move their neck to extreme angles. Their arms are around twice the length of their legs.

Pale-Throated Sloths spend most of their lives alone in the trees. With their powerful claws they can safely hang in the trees that they can even sleep in that position. They may even hang in the trees for hours after death. Most of their time is spent asleep, up to 18 hours a day. They move very slowly, but still climb down to defecate in a hole in the ground. They're also good swimmers.

Pale-Throated Sloths give birth to one infant after a six months pregnancy which is rather long for their size but the offspring is developed far enough that it only needs one month to be weaned. Sexual maturity however is reached after 3 years

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