PLAMAX MF-26 minimum factory: Kaban & Serval

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PLAMAX MF-26 minimum factory: Kaban & Serval

Minimum factory Kaban & Serval.jpeg

Merchandise Data
Type: Plastic Models
Price: ¥2,547
Release Date: November 2018
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Distributor: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Takeshi Miyakawa (T's system)
Product Link: PLAMAX MF-26 minimum factory: Kaban & Serval
Characters: Kaban & Serval

"The first in a series of Kemono friends plastic models! Build your own Japari Park!"

From the anime series Kemono Friends comes a plastic model kit of Kaban and Serval as the latest addition to the minimum factory series!

Product Description

The set of two characters is available at an affordable price and features multiple different cast colors allowing you to put together great looking models simply by putting the parts together. The finer details such as the eyes are included as water-application decals! Be sure to add these two to your collection and look forward to more friends in the future!

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ABS&PS 1/20 scale assemblable plastic model kit. Base included. Eye decals included. Approximately 80mm in height.