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The five idol Friends of PPP. From left to right: Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Humboldt Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Royal Penguin.

PPP (Japanese: ぺぱぷ Hepburn: PePaPu), which is short for Penguins Performance Project (Japanese: ペンギンズパフォーマンスプロジェクト Hepburn: Penginzu Pafōmansu Purojekuto), is a recurring unit of penguin Friends who have appeared in all Kemono Friends media to date. They were formerly known as PIP, or Penguin Idol Project. PPP is comprised entirely of penguins.


The earliest known generation of the group, known at the time as PIP, consisted of Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Southern Rockhopper Penguin, and Humboldt Penguin. The second generation featured three members. The most recent generation features a Royal Penguin for the first time. Margay serves as the current generation's manager. The identity of the manager for the previous generations is unknown.

During the events of the first season of the Kemono Friends anime, Kaban and Serval meet the current generation of PPP: Southern Rockhopper, Humboldt, Emperor, Gentoo, and Royal. Before their very first live performance, the five penguins are worried about living up to the legacy of their predecessors. Kaban, Serval, and PPP fangirl Margay help Royal overcome her stage fright, originating from being the first Royal Penguin of the group, in time for the concert. They help Kaban in her search for other humans in Japari Park by directing her to where they were last seen. Sometime during the month after the defeat of the Black Cerulean and before Kaban's departure from Japari Park, PPP went in search for Japari Buns for Kaban and Serval to eat during their travels at Margay's request. The unit was able to find Japari Buns with the help of New Zealand Giant Penguin. They had to deal with a lot of trouble during their quest, including convincing Boss to let them go through a tunnel, traveling to a mysterious island, escaping angry Lucky Beasts with the help of Arai-san & Fennec, and eating Serval's "cooking".

Real Life

PPP also exists as a real life human idol unit, whose members are the voice actresses for the penguin idol unit in the Kemono Friends anime. In the anime, they performed the opening theme Welcome to Japari Park with Animal Biscuits, another unit featuring the voice actresses for Serval, Arai-san, and Fennec. They also performed Oozora Dreamer as an insert song for episode eight, PPP's debut in the anime. They've made various promotional performances for the anime, often dressing as their respective characters.

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