Original Drama "Element of Music"

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Element of Music

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Audio Drama
Japanese Title: オリジナルドラマ「うたのもと」
Romanised Title: orijinaru dorama "Uta no Moto"
Written by: Ryutaro Kenmochi
Duration: 19:30

Original Drama "Element of Music" is an original Audio Drama recorded on Safari Drive. The script for this Audio Drama was written by Ryutaro Kenmochi, the same scriptwriter as for the Nexon game and Welcome to Japari Park (2018 ONA).



Major Events

  • Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec Fox discover an old vehicle in the savanna one day, but the girls don't understand what it is.
  • Invited by a song playing from an old vehicle, PPP came over and explained the Element of Music.
  • Royal Penguin was asked to make a song for Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec Fox to make more Friends hear the song.
  • Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec Fox formed the Doubutsu Biscuits and performed their new song in front of the Friends.