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Friend Data
Actress: Hotaru Nomoto
Appears In: Stage Play "Kemono Friends", Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~, Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~
Home Area: Savanna
Idol Unit: Savanna Girls
Associated Characters: Serval, Woolly Mammoth, Black Leopard, Raccoon Dog
Performed Songs: Savanna Super Girls, Japari Bun Rap, Everyone's Friends, Kemono Michi
Okapi Anime Festival Pavilion KF3 Nexon Game Stage Play Gallery

Okapi appears as one of the protagonists of the Stage Play "Kemono Friends". She is part of the idol unit known as the "Savanna Girls".


She is shy, innocent, and cute.

Role in the Plot

Stage Play "Kemono Friends"

She was born one day as a result of the eruption of the Sandstar Volcano. Immediately, she was discovered by Serval, who recognized her as an okapi herself. In the waterside region where she visited to introduce herself, she met Black Leopard and Woolly Mammoth, and ended up seeing PPP perform live. Serval was chosen by Blue Whale to be the leader of PPP's rival team, the Savanna Girls, and then he invited her to be her idol. Despite her misgivings, she accepted it. The search for the remaining Savanna Girls members resulted in Black Leopard, Woolly Mammoth, and Raccoon Dog as members. Later, for PPP, who could not decide on a new song, the Savanna Girls found a cassette tape and sent it to the girls. The Savanna Girls also did not have a song, so when they were looking for a song, Cheetah told them that they could hear a good song in the highland area. However, the song that could be heard in the plateau area could not be owned by the Savanna Girls because the Sheep claimed ownership of it. So Royal Penguin made a move and she convinced the Sheep. After successfully convincing Sheep, the girls were able to hear the song, but the sudden appearance of the Cellien caused the speakers and boom box to malfunction. Okapi sang a faintly remembered song and decided to preserve it for posterity by singing it as the Savanna Girls' signature song.

Stage Play "Kemono Friends 2" ~Kemonos of the Snowy Night~

She follows Woolly Mammoth and Black Leopard to the snowy mountain area, where she encounters Ezo Red Fox and Silver Fox. She hears from Oinari-sama that the recent cold weather in Japari Park can be solved by holding a snow festival, and decides to hold one. She learned at the botanical garden that Ezo Red Fox was doing rice farming for Silver Fox and decided to help her.

Stage Play Kemono Friends "JAPARI STAGE!" ~Big Ears and Small Miracles~

As members of Team Savanna, the girls are pitted against each other by an army of birds on the day they meet Bat-Eared Fox. The match is decided to be a dance battle, and as they practice under Siberian Tiger, they learn the true purpose of the army of birds. She then went to the Japari Museum with its Woolly Mammoth to repair the solar panels. And when she returned, she was thrilled to see the windmill spinning.



It was Serval who discovered the Okapi. Serval then invited Okapi to join the Savanna Girls, which gave her confidence.


  • Okapi dances in the Stage Play.

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