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Character Data
Japanese Name: フクロアリクイ
Romanised Name: Fukuroarikui
First Featured in: Kemono Friends (2015 Game)
Animal Data
Scientific Name: Myrmecobius fasciatus
Distribution: Australia
Diet: Insectivore
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 4-5 years
Read More: Numbat
Conservation Status: Status iucn3.1 EN.svg.png
Numbat Nexon Game

The Numbat is a type of Friend that appeared in the original Kemono Friends mobile game.


Numbat has violet eyes, with long light brown hair that fades to dark brown towards the tips, an ash brown portion of hair on the back of her head, sandy brown spots on the bangs at the side of her head and black stripes next to her eyes. The most obvious animal characteristics are the pair of rounded animal ears and the long bushy tail that is gray and black on the front and white on the back, with a light brown stripe on the side. She wears an orange sleeveless shirt with a fur wood brown collar bow-tie, a white half apron and long orange gloves that fades to brown towards the hands. To finish her outfit, she wears a fur wide skirt, with beige and gray stripes, black thigh high socks with light brown stripes and white high ankle shoes with orange laces.

In Real Life

Numbat 1.jpg
The Numbat is a small, diurnal marsupial native to Australia. They live in the eucalyptus forests in burrows or hollow logs. They are about 20-30 cm long and have a red fur colour with white stripes at the front half of their body. Their back half is black with white stripes and ends in a long, bushy tail. They have a long, narrow snout, small, upright ears and a black stripe going through their eyes. They exclusively feed on Termites; because they do not chew them, numbats lack teeth. They also do not need to drink water.

Numbats are solitary, very territorial and have very big home ranges due to their dependency on termites. During mating season in December and January, males will rub an oily substance exuding from their chest on rocks and trees to signal that they are looking for a mate and to scare competitors off. After a pregnancy of only two weeks, four young are born which will attach to the mother to be carried and hidden for about 7 months until they are to big to be carried. They will stay in the nest for 2-3 months, then they start coming out of the burrow and learn how to eat termites. They will continually travel further from the burrow until they leave their mother in time for the next mating period.

Numbats used to be found all across southern Australia, however the species has only survived in two small areas. They are threatened by habitat loss and predators newly introduced to Australia, especially foxes and cats, so much that they need to be protected in fenced sanctuaries. There are an estimated 1,000-1,500 individuals left in the wild. Extensive projects to protect them from extinction have emerged in recent years. Numbats have been reintroduced to several protected sanctuaries.


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