Northern White-Faced Owl/Season 2

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Northern White-Faced Owl

Northern White-Faced Owl Anime S2.png

Friend Data
Voiced by: Shiori Mikami
First Appearance: Episode 6
Home Area: Unknown
Associated Characters: Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Kaban
Has Promotional Video: Yes
Northern White-Faced Owl Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3 Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Northern White-Faced Owl is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends 2.


She retains her personality from season one, being a wise, curious, and self-assured type with a love for cooked meals and working with Eurasian Eagle-Owl. In the time between the seasons, she's become a researcher into Celliens within Japari Park, as well as learning how to cook from Kaban and seemingly how to read as well.

Role in the Plot

Episode 6: A New Morning

When Kyururu, Serval, and Caracal arrive at Kaban's house, she and Eurasian Eagle-Owl brew tea and bake desserts for everyone so they can have tea time. She explains to the curious Serval that the hourglass on the tray will tell them when the tea is ready to be served and offers it the trio as a gift. She offers to show them the research she, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, and Kaban have been working on in their lab after tea time.

In the lab, she helps explain Sandstar and Cellium to the trio with the help of Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Kaban using bottles filled with them. She tells them about their problem of recent powerful Cellien outbreaks near the coast marked on the map and how they couldn't locate any active volcanoes that could be the source of the Cellium needed to create all the Celliens.

When Kyururu's stomach growls, Kaban asks Northern White-Faced Owl to prepare dinner, to which she declares the meal will be of "an acquired taste." After Caracal tries a spoonful and becomes red in the face from how spicy it is, Northern White-Faced Owl explains that it's a very spicy mushroom hotpot and tells her she'll get used to it over time from eating more. She smirks when Caracal keeps eating it after saying there's no way she'd enjoy it. She details the unfortunate fate of Friends who are eaten by Celliens after Kyururu asks what happens, in which the Friends revert to their animal forms.

When Kyururu sneaks out to the lab at night with a theory about the source of the Celliens, she and Eurasian Eagle-Owl surprise him and ask him to explain what he's realized. After he suggests they come from the ocean, the owls are shocked and don't believe him. She begins to explain that Sandstar and Cellium come from volcanoes and those are on mountains, not in the sea, but Kyururu points out the existence of submarine volcanoes. She and Eurasian Eagle-Owl realize the logic in his theory, and she hands him a bottle and tells him they must collect a sample immediately to investigate. When Kyururu is surprised he has to come with, she declares that it's his hypothesis to prove, not theirs. The owls grab ahold of him and fly off towards the ocean through the sun roof in the lab.

As they approach the ocean, she reassures the scared Kyururu by telling him the importance of the task at hand as they fly over one of the areas where Celliens were appearing recently. When they arrive, flying high in the sky, they instruct him to begin searching for Sandstar in the water, forgetting that humans don't have night vision. When he says he can't see anything, she haughtily states the owls can see just fine. After swooping down to collect a sample, they pull him back as they noticed an enormous Cellien swimming in the water. Back at Kaban's house, she tells the rest of the group that the Sandstar sample is the answer to their problem.

She hopes Kyururu can find his home before they part ways, and tells the trio to look for Margay if they have any trouble.

Northern White-Faced Owl's appearance in the post-credits sketch.

Post-Credits Sketch

She also appears in this episode's post-credits sketch. She begins by reading a question about the curry ingredient turmeric to Eurasian Eagle-Owl, who interjects before the question is finished to answer. Eurasian Eagle-Owl then reads a question about the ingredients of the spice blend garam masala, and Northern White-Faced Owl interjects to answer. After Suri Alpaca compliments their speed, Northern White-Faced Owl declares that she was slightly faster than Eurasian Eagle-Owl, who says she was faster, prompting Suri Alpaca to tell them to be nice and offers them tea, which they both accept. Then, the three announce the title of the next episode.


Eurasian Eagle-Owl

As in season one, she is the Assistant to Northern White-Faced Owl and supports what she says. She is very close to Northern White-Faced Owl as they work together and share the same love of cooking.


Northern White-Faced Owl refers to herself as Kaban's assistant, and works with her as a research partner. Presumably, she taught the owls how to cook and read between season one and two.


  • Shiori Mikami reprises her role as Northern White-Faced Owl from Season 1 and in Kemono Friends 3.
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