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Northern White-Faced Owl




Friend Data
Voice 三上枝织 Mikami Shiori
Radiance KFKSplendor.png Splendor
Role KFK AOE Assaulter.png Group Assaulter
Attack Type Single-Target Ranged
Implemented May 31, 2022 (Launch)
ID # 24
Northern White-Faced Owl Anime Season 2 Festival​ (Costume)​ Pavilion​ (Gen 2)​ KF3​ (V2)​ Kingdom Nexon Game Gallery

Northern White-Faced Owl, also commonly known as the Doctor, is a Friend that appears in Kemono Friends Kingdom.


“Hmm... I have an idea...”
Northern White-Facd Owl's profile

Doctor Northern White-Faced Owl is perhaps the most learned Friend in all of Kingdom, and she knows it! She boasts an extensive knowledge of Kingdom of which she is proud; consequently, the very idea of not knowing something about Kingdom makes her restless. To this end, Northern White-Faced Owl is forever engaging in research tasks alongside her assistant, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, and is always eager to share what she has learned with others. The two owls inhabit and maintain the Library, serving as both librarians and archivists.

Despite her outward boldness, Northern White-Faced Owl is easily startled by sudden loud noises, and will reflexively puff up her feathers as an intimidation tactic in response; this makes the quiet Library a good place for her to be. However, she understands the value of not being cooped up all the time, and makes a point of getting out and about- a principle which she must frequently remind her aloof assistant of.


Japanese English
? I am Doctor Hooey, the Northern White-Faced Owl. I know Kingdom better than anyone. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.


Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Eurasian Eagle-Owl is Northern White-Faced Owl's trusty "Lil' Assistant", and can always be counted on to help out where needed. The two owls are frequently together, save for when they split up to cover more ground when collecting data for a project.

Toxicology Research Team

Northern White-Faced Owl is a member of the Toxicology Research Team alongside Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Indian Peafowl, and King Cobra. The group's mission is to help educate the Friends of Kingdom about King Cobra's infamous venom, with the goal of dispelling the scary stigma it has brought upon the caring snake Friend.


Friend Stats
Base Max Base Max
HP 829 5233 PATK 67 389
PDEF 176 1016 SATK 225 1413
SDEF 176 1016 Speed 65 65
Breakthrough1.png Breakthrough2.png Breakthrough3.png Breakthrough4.png Breakthrough5.png
Good Writer

If it's a Cellien you have unlocked in the Gallery, Core Hit DMG +60%

Kemono Miracle Level +3 COMBO Effect +28% Self Radiant Advantage Multipler +20% Knowledge is Power

When hitting the weakness of a Cellien you have unlocked in the Gallery, every attack of your Miracle has a 25% chance to hit the Core and deal additional damage.

Radiant Effect
Awaken Tier 1: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +2.6%

Awaken Tier 2: Self Radiant Advantage Bonus +10.2%

A Genius Plan
Northern White-Faced Owl takes out a book and reads it to draw combat inspiration from the sea of knowledge, dealing damage equal to 272% [Catapult ATK] to all enemies over 6 attacks.

Awaken Tier 0/1: For every enemy whose HP is below 50%, Northern White-Faced Owl's Miracle DMG +5%/+7.5%.

Awaken Tier 2: Enemies with less HP take more Miracle DMG. Each Cellien can increase this damage by +5% to 8.5%.

Like a Shadow
Doctor's Wisdom
For every [Catapult ATK] buff Northern White-Faced Owl gains, she deals +13% Catapult DMG. When there are fewer than 3 enemies, Northern White-Faced Owl deals +20% Miracle DMG. N/A
Nature Skill Silent Flyer Lv.1/2
House of Life Production Rate +1%/+1.5%, +0.3%/+0.5% more when Eurasian Eagle-Owl is also present.
Combo Big Brains of the Forest
KFKWhiteOwlCombo.png KFKEagleOwlCombo.png

Northern White-Faced Owl, Eurasian Eagle-Owl

All Friends' ATK +6% for 7 rounds. The Friend that activates this combo gains extra +26% ATK for 1 round.
Special Attributes
KFK Up Arrow.pngThis Friend is capable of flight, allowing them to avoid ground-based hazards.


Northern White-Faced Owl is a competent Catapult Assaulter who excels on stages with numerous enemies or against Bosses with multiple segments. When battling single-target Bosses, she can struggle to keep up with the damage output of the 6-Star Catapult Assaulter Serval, with whom Northern White-Faced Owl is often in direct competition for a team slot.

  • Because Northern White-Faced Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl both function well against battles with multiple targets, and sport a powerful Combo bonus when used together, the two can be about as inseparable in combat as they are outside of it.
    • Additionally, Eurasian Eagle-Owl's ability to reveal Cores has great synergy with Northern White-Faced Owl's Breakthrough 1 and 5 effects, both of which boost her potential damage when attacking an enemy's Core or Cores.
      • This also makes Chinese White Dolphin, who can reveal Cores with her own Breakthrough 1 and 5, a great Support Friend for Northern White-Faced Owl. Using both of Chinese White Dolphin and Eurasian Eagle-Owl against a multi-segmented Boss can allow Northern White-Faced Owl to rack up serious bonus damage, if the Support Friends' Miracles used in tandem successfully generate multiple Cores and if Northern White-Faced Owl's Breakthrough 5 activates enough times.
  • Because Northern White-Faced Owl's Breakthrough 1 and 5 effects only activate against enemies who have been unlocked in the player's Gallery, they will not activate against the Lord of Ice boss, who is absent from the Gallery due either to a bug or a lack of developer input.
    • Northern White-Faced Owl is generally not recommended for use against this Boss in the first place, if Serval is available.


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